Ari Murray, a Chief Growth Officer who launches and grows 8 & 9-figure DTC brands, presents to you her love letter to ecommerce: Go-to-Millions.

Ari (who sometimes uses 3rd person even though she tries not to), writes every word you’re about to read. Let’s begin:

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Behind the Brand

Meet Ari Murray

I’m Ari - a law-school dropout turned eCommerce Customer Service Agent turned eCommerce Specialist turned eCommerce Manager turned Director of Growth turned Vice President of Growth turned Chief Growth Officer (I work @ Sharma Brands, a digital consultancy that launches the biggest brands in the world). Since my first and last semester of law school (1 semester was PLENTY🤣) I’ve worked to launch, grow, or optimize the 7,8, & 9 figure DTC brands that you shop every day!

^ By day, that’s exactly what I’m up to. I still work full-time as a CGO - I need the advice I give you to always be current and based on my 1st-hand experience. xo 

At night, however, I write Go-to-Millions. It’s a shopping column, disguised as an ecommerce newsletter. Don’t tell anyone about the shopping column part, that’s our secret. 

I live in the Seattle, Washington area with my cute husband Daniel Murray. We met at work, as all marketing couples do. You might know Daniel from The Marketing Millennials (it’s a community of over 1 MILLION MARKETERS). The caps are intentional - proud wife alert. 



Can't Go-to-Millions with a bad website. But what makes a good one? It's not rocket science, but it isn't art, either. So, I'm sharing everything I know about creating a site that converts (and how to diagnose it when it doesn't).