1️⃣: This homepage refresh from On.

Of the moment, the clothes look GREAT, and they partnered with the champion. Doesn’t get better. I love the design of this homepage hero. However, I love the copy much more. This part: 

‘The champion returns in style. Hellen Obiri defends her title at the 2024 marathon.’

2️⃣: Assouline’s hero homepage on desktop wins the day.

It’s art. Makes sense, as we’re selling art. BEYOND. However, would I like them to move the CTA into the art? Yes, I would like that very much. 

3️⃣: This shows not tells. Into it. Well done by Garrett Leight. 

4️⃣: However, with all due to Garrett Leight, the Jacques Marie Mage is my favorite.

Specifically the PDP assets in the carousel. Almost justifies the price point. Almost. I WANT THOSE SUNGLASSES SO BADLY!!!!! 

5️⃣: I won’t lie. The Dedcool site is slightly overwhelming to me. However, this quiz section is genius, loud, and smart. Taking inspo from this:

6️⃣: Via Carota Craft Cocktails has the best collection page imagery of any website I’ve ever been a part of (I helped to launch this brand!) The only thing better than this collections page is the brand’s Espresso Martini

7️⃣: Final Boss Sour is a great gamification example. 

8️⃣: I still have yet to see a more creative email capture creative.Vacation wins.

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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