When you’re planning your welcome offer (That offer that hits a customer when they land on the site via an email / SMS info capture popup)… are you making sure that you’re WELCOME OFFER ISN’T MORE COMPELLING THAN YOUR SUBSCRIPTION OFFER?

Here’s what I mean: you cannot give away more to net-new traffic than you give to the customers who are willing to be auto-charged every month. 

The subscription customer is entitled to your very, very best. 

No matter what you do, your welcome promo can’t be equal to our better than your subscription. 


Below are several brands that get this right (their subscription offer is BETTER than their welcome offer). These examples are interesting spins on this – what matters is that both offers feel compelling, and that the subscription feels stronger.❤️‍

: Magic Spoon: $5 OFF Welcome Offer vs. 25% OFF Subscription 

: Elavi: 10% OFF Welcome Offer vs. 15% OFF Subscription (renews every 3 weeks vs. monthly!!) 

: Dr. Squatch: Mystery Welcome Offer vs. $8 OFF Subscription 

: Graza: Free Shipping Welcome Offer vs. Tiered Discount Subscription (starts at 10% and scales based on order size)

: Fatty15: 30-day Money Back Welcome Offer vs. 20% OFF 90-Day Starter Kit

When in doubt, remember how you feel when you shop (which is inclined to select 1 time purchase unless there’s a HUGELY COMPELLING REASON NOT TO). <3 

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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