How good is that The North Face ad animation? ^ 

I am forever inspired by the marketers all around me. Please find the offers, creatives, and moments that stopped me in my tracks. For us to find inspiration from, and to please apply to our own work ASAP.


1️⃣. This Instagram Caption from Brooks Brothers on President’s Day. I didn’t know any piece of this history. Prior to this caption, I just knew I wanted this shirt (embroidered with my initials AMM).

My point: If you don’t tell your brand’s story often and sometimes in detail, your customers may never hear it and that’s a shame.

2️⃣. Louis Vuitton gifting 2 famous sisters the same purse in different colorways. That they have then preceded to post with almost daily and to high, high engagement. I remember when Louis Vuitton gifted the 1st sister the bag. I remember thinking to myself that the purse was ugly (it was the denim).

Now, week’s later and after witnessing an absolute slew of content, I truly have changed my mind. Cut to last weekend. In Vancouver, I almost tried on the denim bag. Like I went to Louis Vuitton to see it. I’m a LOSER! So incredibly influenced and truly in awe of this perfect marketing moment of organic seeding. 

Gift your best products and ask for nothing in return. Not always, but often. 

3️⃣. Anouk Yve for Net-a-Porter. I didn’t even realize this was an ad until I got to the caption. I swiped the entire way through. This is perfect because her content is ALWAYS outfits of the week. So, this was just that. 

If this doesn’t convince you to not provide scripts and rules when you have a sponsorship and instead to just let the creator do what they do best – then IDK.

4️⃣. I’m still not over Tata Harper’s subscription offer. 15% off your 1st order, 20% off the renewal. I’ve copied this in my work. 

Separately, but importantly, I restocked on Tata Harper (that cleanser I was obsessed with in January). I’m almost out, and this time, I didn’t shop on Sephora for it. I came right to their site, because Sephora A) could never match that offer B) doesn’t reward me for my long-term subscription C) won’t appreciate my direct business as much as Tata Harper will. 

Shop the brands you love directly. So that they can make more $. And, steal this way of treating your loyal subscribers – rewarding them for that all important subscription RENEWAL. 

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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