Happy Valentine’s Month! Love you! In honor of this Hallmark Holiday – I thought it was about time I showed you how we do email marketing / CRM at Sharma Brands.

By we, I mean Nina Zade (my incredible Retention Director who has changed my life and who has made me a smarter marketer). I linked her LinkedIn but don’t you dare try to steal her. Best email marketer I’ve ever met I mean it paws off don’t steal her. ‍♀️

A little about my beloved Nina and then a lot of examples that she pulled / created to help guide you and yours through Valentine’s Day campaign planning, email copy / design, and don’t forget about SMS. Nina is email obsesed – she truly gets thousands of emails to her inbox every single day (I’ve seen it). She’s touched retention efforts at brands you love – like Feastables and Cowboy Pools

At Sharma Brands, Nina sits on my growth team (My teams include CRO, CRM (Nina!), Account, and Paid Media). Meaning, every single CRM decision, design, line of copy, and concept is briefed in and architected by Nina. Our incredible copywriters, designers, account managers, and growth marketers are all a part of this arm of our agency (love this full team). xo

Please find examples Nina has curated/ deployed to power you through February.


Selected by Nina Zade herself…

: Vacation IncThis email is so moody, so vampy, and so on brand. We expected nothing less from Vacation. 

: SKIMSThis email and collab with our idol Lana Del Rey is something only SKIMS could pull off. Fear not – we can study it and apply it to any brand (even those that can’t afford Mrs. Video Games). Notice the PREVIEW THE SHOP CTA. 

: Free PeopleThis email hits the theme but not right on the nose – perfect. 

: GhiaThis email plays on urgency with those very helpful shipping cutoffs.

: BouqsThis email is more risque than I expected – the copy really goes for it – but hey whatever sells.


Go Nina!! Showcasing Peachybbies and Big Feelings xo. 


It’s February 4th – so time is of the essence for Valentine’s – put your all into these touchpoints and if you see anything above that makes your comms feel flat – there’s time to punch it up. Always worth it!! Love you. 

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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