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Watch this? 

^ Now that you’ve seen how Onsite Opt-in works you may already want to book a demo (fair – linked here). I’ll also back up a smidge. And give you my life story. 

I am 29 and a ½ years old. I’ve been working in ecom since I was a wee little one (23, to be exact FML WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?). All this to say, I’ve been here a while. And, if you know anything about me at all, you know I am not quick to use a BREAKING NEWS pre-text in my subject line. News often doesn’t really break that hard here in the ecom world. Sure, we like to dramatize that it does. I love drama! However, in my almost 7 years in this space, I have not looked at a software update and audibly gasped and said to myself, “Damn it – that’s going to change my life”. 

UNTIL LAST WEEK! WHEN POSTSCRIPT DROPPED THEIR SMS ONSITE OPT-IN. IF IT SEEMS LIKE I’M YELLING, I AM. I’LL STOP, BUT I HOPE YOU ARE HEARING THE SHRILL IN MY VOICE – Onsite Opt-In is going to change the trajectory of so many of the brands I get to work on. And, I just think that is wonderful. 

Because acquiring new subscribers is the key to maintaining a healthy, robust SMS marketing list. And, SMS is key to growing a known and beloved brand – as it’s an owned channel that can’t be fucked with. 

But innovation in this space (SMS) has been at a standstill. Most merchants/ retention marketers use pop-ups onsite that send subscribers down 1 of these journeys:

: reply “Y” to confirm your subscription,

: two-touch that takes the user off-site and into their messaging app,

: or the single opt-in (which is not compliant.)

^ Those experiences all lead to added steps that can and do limit list growth potential. 

The more steps required, the greater the risk is of losing an opt-in along the way. If a journey is clunky, it needs redoing. But, that’s not been possible for SMS – until now. 

When you take a potential customer off-site in an effort to collect their information, you don’t just risk not getting their info. You also risk the sale. Because we all know that our customers, especially our prospective customers, HATE to jump through hoops. 

Luckily, patent-pending Onsite Opt-In solves this by creating a seamless and compliant experience for the user. For the customer. Turning potential customers into… subscribed customers who don’t need to leave your website until they checkout. 🙂 

I’d like to show you / write you how this works. It’s shockingly simple, as all good customer experiences are.

Video HERE.

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And, I listed the steps: 

: a popup appears and a subscriber can autofill their phone number,

: they tap submit to subscribe,

: the visitor is sent a one-time passcode via text,

: the visitor enters the code, leveraging autofill,

: they tap submit and they’re subscribed. Ta-da! And moments later, their welcome message arrives. 

Easy peasy, and very, very Go-to-Millions / Ari approved.

And, who wouldn’t want to see a +50% GAIN IN ORDER CONVERSIONS? LE DREAM! PARADISE! Postscript Paradise.

In an early beta group, beauty brand Jones Road (the one I always write about that makes the mini brushes that I just bought) was able to acquire as many subscribers in their first two months using Onsite Opt-In as they had all year.

^ 2 months of use, as many subscribers as it took them all year. 

In another early beta group, apparel king brand True Classic grew their automation revenue by 40% in their first week of implementation.

^ 40% growth. In 1 week. 

To quote my friend Adam, “Onsite Opt-In will give merchants the highest opt-in rates across all platforms”, says Postscript Co-founder and CEO Adam Turner. “Most popups move people off-site, which breaks the cardinal rule of ecommerce. You just paid Facebook to bring that person on your site and now you’re moving them off-site to opt-in. This messes with attribution. And Onsite Opt-In solves this problem.”

My favorite part is that visitors will instantly recognize the experience, similar to Apple’s OTP (one-time-password), without having to stop shopping and move into their messaging app to sign up.

We don’t want to stop shopping! Our goal as marketers is to do the opposite. 

Adam continues, “Onsite Opt-in is the single biggest strategic shift we’ve made at Postscript to date. This keeps visitors on site, decreases attribution issues, and increases acquisition for merchants who refuse to use two-tap because of these reasons. We’ve solved these issues with the click of the button. It’s a game changer.”

This innovation in list growth will power a merchant’s owned marketing channels, both in email and SMS, and will drive millions of dollars of new revenue for Shopify brands.

Quite a way to Go-to-Millions. I use Postscript on every single Shopify brand that I stand up. And, I have for years. Now, with this breaking news, I’m happy I’m already there – in Postscript paradise. If you’re not yet using Postscript, not to worry. The water’s warm, come on in!

Demo Onsite Opt-In and have Postscript deliver up to 3x more subscribers. Why wouldn’t you want to keep visitors on site, maximize order conversion, and maintain campaign attribution…all while tripling your list?


I 100% VOUCH.



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Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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