11 websites that I think you need to see. North Stars, if you will.

: Springer Pets. I REALLY like the cloud background with the vector on top for their PDP carousel. I can’t explain it – but this Travel Water bottle asset stands out so perfectly against the image that I don’t remember the last time I saw a PDP image that showed the product so clearly. Dramatic, maybe. But it’s CRISP. Shockingly so. 

☄️: Harry Potter Shop. This theme is simple. The animated background does ALL of the work. If your budget is tight and your dreams are big, this might be worth considering. BTW, I’m a Hufflepuff (which is embarrassing to admit). 

P.S. The footer follows the same strategy. Lets the background do everything. 

: Touchland. BYOB. REALLY GREAT. 

: Simon Pearce. This section BELOW THE FOLD on homepage. 

: DSTLRY. There is a POWERFUL use of color on this site.

: Momentous. Pay special attention to the Subscribe & Save on the PDP. Notice it’s green. Notice how compelling that looks. 

: Foxtrot. Name a grocery store with a better website. I’ll wait (just kidding, if you know of one please send it to me I live for this shit). 

: Ralph Lauren. Still one of the most seamless Custom Shop builders. This is the best not because it’s tricky – but because it’s fast. 

: Dairy Boy. Okay, this isn’t a site, but it is a storefront. That’s how it’s treated – the IG grid here matters and the effort put in here pays. When this brand drops new products, thousands of site visitors pop up (they share their Shopify cart maps – so we can watch the stampede towards the very simple online store). Sometimes, if you don’t have the dev resources but you do have Pinterest – this is a perfect strategy. 

: Baccarat – Can we all afford a hero hype video of this magnitude? No, likely not. Is it a hell of an example of a hype video for us to log and remember for a day when our pockets overflowth? Mhhm.

: Manolo Blahnik. There are 2 things about this site that charm me.

1. This email popup. Feels classic. And kind. 

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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