PopUp Bagels really just popped up out of nowhere now didn’t it? The bagel brand does oh so many things right. What I notice: 

: The tagline to end all taglines? Not Famous… But Known.

Damn. That hits so hard. Famous usually means overrated doesn’t it? Especially these days. But known = signifies esteemed (to me at least).

Well, it worked. I waited in line. I’m a sucker. 

: Limited menu. Beating to their own drum. These are SPECIFICALLY not bagel sandwiches. The options are SPECIFICALLY narrow. As a SPECIFIC type of bagel eater, I’m finicky and cream cheese scares me I have a hard time ordering here, I won’t lie to you. 

Fear not, dear millionaire! I just get an everything bagel (no schmear). Simple. 

There’s a marketing lesson here, I promise.  There are a lot of bagel places on the East Coast. Bagel heaven. Almost all of the bagel places (even “the famous ones”, even the ones that are “known” kinda sell a huge hunkin’ array of bagel concoctions.

: Most don’t have a pre-order minimum of a full dozen + 2 schmears.

: Most will let you make the bagel you’re used to making for yourself. (In my case a TOASTED salt bagel with PLAIN butter, lettuce, onions, and tomato I’m disgusting). 

When you do things your own way, you stand out. You also control quality. It’s like how fancy restaurants don’t allow for substitutions. They want to sell it to you this way, because that’s how they intended it. I respect it. My everything bagel (even though it lacked my typical plain butter), was memorable. It was worth waiting in line for. 

Imagine if I were normal and could actually schmear it! Fun fact cream cheese is my #1 most hated food and 1 time in college I had to eat an entire spoonful of it because I lost a bet and I think about that day often. 

: Above average bagel website. This website is FANTASTIC. My favorite section:

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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