I see your over-produced $500,000 campaign shoot, and I raise you a disposable camera. Welcome to 1993 2023. Where nobody has time, patience, or the stomach for “perfect“. The dispo era is upon us, and there are SO many incredible examples of sites and brands that have taken the filter off. For example, Djerf Avenue. ⬇

Cost Per Wear on point. ⬆

Look at their current homepage hero:

The Website OVERFLOWTH with lifestyle. Product flat lays? Sure, we have them. Do we lead with them? NO. Because everyone else does that. And, this is an aspirational brand lead by an inspirational person (Matilda Djerf) – so, they (Djerf Avenue) show her whenever and wherever – but always leading with a real human that is not retouched. ⬇

Ever done a brand activation that felt worthy of sitting on your homepage for months? Not often, right? It’s hard to make real-life photos (from an IRL brand activation, for example) fit into an overly curated website. It sticks out and feels unnatural. There’s a firm line between the digital and the real world, USUALLY. 

Unless you’re Djerf Avenue and the real world is what you showcase on your site. It’s where you show your pieces LIVING. A website really comes alive when it was alive all along. I just love this. ⬇

I am so into this section. ⬇ Shows, not tells.

Imagery that shows the type of community you are > words without action 

Truly obsessed this section. Shows, not tells.

Imagery that shows the type of community you are > words without action.


Do you ever wonder how quickly your brand could move if your photoshoots were like this? How much money you’d have left each month in your budget? 

Study this brand. Watch it become more and more powerful. Watch it become a billion dollar brand. And, my dear millionaire – take some of its tactics and try them on for size. 

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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