The One With 3 North Stars In The Sky

(AKA, catch me sharing 3 Brands, Strategies, Campaigns, Tactics, Creative (and/or so on and so forth) every Sunday.

What’s on this list = North Star BEHAVIOR

1. The Private Sale, an A+ campaign strategy by Cult Gaia: (Drop strategy, Exclusivity, Timing, and Low Lift TACTICS THAT MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE)

I first heard of Cult Gaia’s Private Sale via a static instagram ad (with the secret password in the ad copy – PRIV30). 

An exclusive sale? 

From an exclusive brand? 

And, their media buyers wanted to target little old me?

I’ve never felt so special. 

Why yes, Cult Gaia, I would be honored to shop your exclusive sale – thank you for inviting me! 

I click through, and boom! 

I land on an oh-so-curated collections page – where everything is 30% off (if you have the magical secret code, PRIV30). 

As I’m sure you understand, one thing quickly lead to another. Before I knew it, I had ShopPay’d my way through the finish line. 

Why is this GENIUS? Why is this a North Star Campaign Strategy worth stealing?

It’s simple: we all want to feel special. We all want to have the best stuff. But, we want to have our cake and eat it too ( coconut cake, preferably ). 

We want STATUS. We want EXCLUSIVITY… But! We also want BANG FOR OUR BUCK. We want the best price. 

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SALES AND STATUS ARE USUALLY THE INVERSE OF EACH OTHER – it’s not usually chic to hit the sale rack, you know what I mean? 

Cult Gaia knows that. 

So, they invited me (and the millions of other people they targeted via Facebook Ads Manager) to shop IN PRIVATE. To feel cool, to get the best stuff, but in the SAFETY of our own private ONLINE DRESSING ROOM. 

We save face. We save money. 

They move inventory. They deeply discount, but that won’t tarnish their brand’s perceived value – because it’s our little secret.

WHAT TO DO: 1. Make your customers feel special 2. If you ever plan to launch a sale that is over 20% off (outside of Black Friday / Cyber Monday) – do so in private (it’s not desperate that way). 3. How to execute this: Make a clean, static ad that clearly highlights that A) YOU’RE ON SALE, and B) THAT IT’S A SECRET 4. Put the discount code in the ad copy. 5. Make the LANDING PAGE of your ad a collection that is ONLY items that are eligible for the sale.    

2.Bionic Reading, seen on TikTok (that you should test via your next listicle, blog post, newsletter, etc.: (Listicles, Long-Form, Content, Testing, and NOT BEING SCARED TO TRY NEW THINGS) 

^I’m going to need you to watch that. 

I’ll be here, waiting, til you’re back – so READ QUICKLY and see you soon xoxo

Wow! Fancy seeing you here. Welcome home.

I guarantee that if you turn in your next blog post, memo, or listicle – and if you use Bionic Reading – your team will look at you like you’re crazy.

That’s fine.

I’d rather play it a little crazy than a little too safe.

What if it works????????

What if your customers, your audience, or your readers BETTER UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU’RE WRITING THEM?

Well, that would be fan f***ing tastic!

In this case, TikTok didn’t make me buy it (for once!)

TikTok made me try it!

TEST THIS. Going-to-Market is about testing, optimizing, and TRYING new things (there are many routes, paths, and experiments on the road from $0 to millions.

WHAT TO DO: 1. The next time you write anything that is long-form, split-test it. 2. Variant A = normal, boring, non-bolded. Variant B = the exact same content, MADE BIONIC. 3. Measure your test, and see who wins. 4. Implement your learnings.

3. Rimowa’s Content Strategy: (High Production Creative, “Organic” Influencer Seeding, Paid Performance Creative that is magically on-brand and CAPTIVATING EVERY SINGLE TIME)


Rimowa, respectfully, puts 99.99% of brands to shame. 

They just DO NOT MISS. 

Every single post on Rimowa’s Instagram is 10/10. Every single ad I’ve ever seen by Rimowa is 11/10.

This is the Rolls Royce of Luggage. You aren’t going to convince your audience to pay Rolls Royce prices with cheap creative. Cheap is expensive, and Rimowa knows that all too well. 

Wherever Rimowa shows up, THEY SHOW OFF. 

P.S. I follow an influencer who was robbed last summer on a Train in Europe. The robbers stole all 4 of her Rimowa suitcases, and therefore many thousands of dollars worth of her stuff. She posted about this everywhere! Rimowa saw this, and gifted her 10 new suitcases.

WHICH IS GENIUS. Because, one could take this influencer’s robbery as a lesson to not buy or use expensive luggage (it makes you a target). 

But! When she received this generous Rimowa replenishment, she WAS ECSTATIC. She has used the luggage on every trip she’s taken since, giving Rimowa free publicity every time. 

Rimowa took a bad PR moment and turned it into Billions of impressions. ILY, RIMOWA. KEEP IT UP, SWEETIE. 

WHAT TO DO: 1. Walk the walk. 


Creator Staff
Creator Staff

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