Bonjour Millionaire, 

The end of January is secretly my favorite time of the year. Not on a fun level – absolutely not. I mean it’s my favorite work time of the year. Socially, a complete snooze over here LOL. 

Work-wise, by now I’m rocking. I’m rolling. I know to not make the same mistakes of 2023. I know to prioritize the must-dos. To keep my to-do list edited down. To not get distracted.

2023 was a tough year for SO many brands and the market was unforgiving.

The brands that were tight and taut and strict with their time, energy, technology, and marketing Go-to-Market had the year of all years.

The brands that were all over the place went nowhere – fast. 

Today, it would be my great honor to help you edit DOWN. I love a capsule closet and a short and sweet tech stack. Less is more in 2024. So poetic – it even rhymes. Adorable! 

So, let’s prioritize. We need the right tech – and I’ll cut to the chase – I recommend Listrak because it helps me with 3 of the most important must-do items on my list. 

✂️ ✂️ ✂️

I’ll tell you what it does and how it works and why Listrak edits down the rest of your stack – so you can stay focused! I’m thinking let’s do this countdown – #3,#2,#1 style. #1 will be the most compelling, naturally – but kindly stay with me xo.


The goal of unlocked data? Personalization and individualization. Because we’re not going to win this year (or any year) by collecting data we don’t activate. It’s not about collecting data for the sake of data richness. It’s for the sake of applying what we know so that we can show our customers we know them and that we are a fit. 

Applied data unlocks more revenue. That’s the start. But, as you know, the real results and incremental revenue come from technology that can dig deeper into that data so you can bring it all together and see the complete world of the customer you’re trying to convert. 

Unlock insights into what they want, and from there, you’re enabled to take action ACROSS THE BOARD, in every acquisition channel, with every SPECIFIC product recommendation, across your dynamic content, using AI… I could go on and on. 

Listrak is built on a very sturdy, very accurate CDP foundation – (Customer Data Platform), meaning the root of the entire technology is connected data. Connected data makes your customers happy – because when you’re talking to them, they can feel that you’re talking to THEM (even when there are millions of THEM!) 

The most efficient retailers and brands have small teams, and this won’t change in 2024 (my clients that run the leanest teams make the most $ – it’s a mentality). 

Listrak brings this data together on our behalf, so that we’re able to run a data-enabled marketing stack without the need for in-house data scientists and analysts and we can KEEP IT TIGHT.

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As an example here, Le Creuset is powered by Listrak. Listrak helped the brand implement personalized, intent-based popups that resulted in higher subscription growth, with a 104% increase in daily subscriber signups. 

Le Creuset was also to more than double their triggered revenue using carefully crafted and continually optimized email campaigns based on the full-view they have of their customers. Because of that connected data as the FOUNDATION. 

All of those growth #s were possible because of Listrak’s Identity Resolution Marketing solution, GXP.


So I mentioned GXP, but what is that and how does it work and how did that help Le Creuset and why is it going to help you grow this year? Because with GXP, you can see 1 customer across all devices. I have an iPhone, a Mac Desktop, a Macbook, and an iPad. 

4 devices that I shop from regularly. If you don’t have Listrak’s GXP on your site, you’ll lose me as I shop cross-device.

^ Here are the Ari’s that you would and wouldn’t be able to recognize today with disparate providers and no ID Resolution (and if you can’t identify your customers, you can’t personalize the experience or send critical triggered messages to them like cart abandonment!!)

Missed ARIs = missed revenue opportunities. Luckily, you can find all of the Ari’s with GXP. That’s the difference with GXP – see all of the Ari’s, you can send to all of the Ari’s!

Which leads me to… 


The benefits of consolidating are endless. With Listrak, we can use the data mentioned in #3 to deliver true orchestration across channels. 

The more connected everything is – the more seamless it feels to your customers. When there isn’t friction, your customers spend money. 🙂 

The best part about consolidation is that it solves attribution double-counting. Because it’s own platform that houses email, SMS, Identity Resolution, your Pop-Ups, all of it – in 1 platform with 1 view and 1 source of truth.


^ All use Listrak. All consolidate to 1 platform. These are iconic brands that use Listrak to reduce spend and accelerate revenue. 

For example, Sol de Janiero saw a 50% reduction in monthly cost and a 28% increase in total ecommerce revenue by switching to Listrak. I love their hair oil so much. This one:

^ I bought it on the DTC site but also I’ve purchased it in person many times. It’s been a seamless experience for me as the customer. It’s been a data-heavy, well-orchestrated lifetime marketing campaign that the brand has been executing on (powered by Listrak) to get me coming back… and back… and back again…


Rapid list growth is crucial to explosive growth. Can’t hit big goals with a small list. With Listrak, you have MORE opportunities to retarget your site visitors (the ones who would be anonymous to you, usually). 

Listrak helps you grow and own your customer data – with 1 single tool. All on their own, solo. There’s no longer a need to combine 4-5 providers (kindly see point #2 – consolidation LOL).

It’s a science – and it really works. Like this:

Rule #1: if they visit your site, recognize more of them with Identity Resolution

Rule #2: If you don’t know them, capture as much of the zero and first party data as they have to give!

Rule #3: Make the process insanely easy using onsite personalizations to increase conversions

Rule #4: Use the info you captured to retarget them in the most cost-efficient and effective way… through your owned channels!

Rule #5: Drive increased incremental revenue (who doesn’t want that)? 

Hundreds of retailers and brands have added Listrak’s identity resolution solution, GXP, to their marketing strategy.

I’ve mentioned TOMS, Sol de Janiero, and Jonathan Adler (iconic). All are Listrak customers. As are:

Minnetonka: Saw a 60% increase in onsite conversion from first-time purchasers with Listrak

LAFCO: Saw a 139% increase in triggered revenue with Listrak


This year and this quarter and for my entire marketing career – I am trying my hardest every single day to block out the noise and to drive true impact. I want to make my brands rich. I want to do a good job. I want to make the right choices. 

I want to consolidate my work so that I’m more effective – I want less tech – but better tech. If you ever have any tech stack questions, reply to me here and I’D LOVE TO HELP. If you ever want me to intro you to Listrak, I’d be happy to connect you to my exact team there. Just write me back here and I’ll prioritize this.

I just want us all to succeed and I’d like us all to have a perfect year of monumental growth! 

Is that so much to ask? LOL 



Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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