This December, I’m sharing a bank of holiday ads from Daniel’s swipe file (he has great taste) <3. 

: KitKat (BTW, very impressed by KitKat’s IG game! Who knew!)

: Tiffany & Co. (I still really want this for the Holidays@Santa @Daniel if you’re reading, I’ve linked it conveniently for you!) 

: IKEA (Linked my bedframe. Highly recommend and had low expectations.)

A quick interruption. On the subject of IKEA, look at this genius storefront construction zone in London yesterday (excuse the photo, I am a work in progress)

: McDonalds (Of all of the ads, this is my favorite. Probably because of my affinity for the Vanilla Cone – forever my pick over the McFlurry which I know is a niche choice but ’tis my truth). 

: Tide (you just know that stain cute little Christmas Tree is going to be erased)

: LOEWE (this isn’t an ad, but it’s OOH turned digital in my eyes. The store’s Suna Fujita collab meets retail Madrid Boutique posted to IG, meets social, meets commerce ❤️‍ ).

London picture, taken by moi Daniel yesterday.  Also, see how many people are in line? At 1st I was discouraged because I HATE waiting in line to shop it hurts my feelings, but upon closer inspection… everyone was in line for free LOEWE Hot Chocolate (served for free from a Suna Fujita x LOEWE penguin hot chocolate cart). ❤️‍

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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