: The art of the back in stock notification: 

(Mind you, I’m not actually subscribed to notifications for this specific boot. But, I’m subscribed to KHAITE‘s emails. AND! I do often subscribe to be notified to specific products on specific sites. When I subscribe to those products on Shopify stores, the app that is usually used is called: Back in Stock. And, the notification that brands send automatically (if they don’t interfere) – specifically says Back in Stock).

All this to say, this email caught my attention immediately – had I been looking at the Davis Boot? Had I signed up? I had to look to job my own memory! And, the pre-text of the social proof (quote) works just right.


: Kindly point your attention to the sample pack. It arrived perfectly placed atop my purchases. It perfectly describes the products – is technical, scientific, but not overwhelming (because brevity is in play). 

Then, the roof of the interior of the corrugated doesn’t need to say much at all. Just a tagline and a handle and a few seals and we’re off to the races. I prefer this approach – brown corrugated with a surprise extra effort. 


: The best copy doesn’t sell, it educates. This does that. 45 min from London? Lux hotel on 500 acres? I’M LEARNING!!

When space is limited (as it is for your social bio), don’t go for cheeky go for clear.

The images can do the rest!! 


: I’ve stolen this slide-cart CTA and used it on so many websites. In your slide cart, the CTA that moves the customer from slide cart to checkout is ever-critical. The copy here usually reads: CHECKOUT. 

But, what if, we re-wrote that button and had it say CONTINUE. That’s a smaller commitment – it doesn’t feel insurmountable. We want a thousand little yes’s on the path to the order. This is the place we DO NOT WANT TO SCARE THEM OFF. Just continue on, dear customer, get to the checkout, and continue down the path to purchase. I’ve tested this. It wins. 

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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