Do I think you should make big huge changes to your website in the next few weeks? NO I DO NOT. We are very very close to BFCM. As such, let’s lock shit down and I hate to say this but I’ll say this – code freeze.

BUT! Do I think there’s still PLENTY of time to perfect your EMAIL / SMS capture – promise me you’ll go incognito on your website right now. Let your CRM capture popup trigger, and then judge it? If it doesn’t make you proud, adjust. If it isn’t converting, adjust. If you haven’t tested it in months, retest it starting tomorrow. You just need a tiny bit of copy and a really well chosen asset. I believe in you. 

EMAIL / SMS captures to learn from: 

: SET ACTIVE. BFCM started early for them, and they ATE. It’s not about just updating homepage – it’s about all of the details: like this:

⛷: PATAGONIA. PAY CLOSE, CLOSE ATTENTION HERE. The timing of this popup is what we need to understand. 

I land on homepage. No popup. I scroll on homepage, pick a category, then pick a product (get to the PDP). Then, as I navigate to leave the website, only then does this popup trigger. An exit popup. That offers free shipping. Free shipping on something I’ve already had a second to look at – this experience interrupts NOTHING. It only intercepts my bounce. BRAVO! 

⛷: DAE HAIR. This is actually an example of what not to do. The homepage is updated BEAUTIFULLY for Holiday (Holidae as they call it – cute). The homepage is updated early – they are early to the season. That’s also cute. 

But you see the popup? You see how it doesn’t match? You see how it’s showing an entirely different art direction? You see how it doesn’t mention Holidae at all? A quick creative change here would make the entire first few seconds on the site feel much better. This is why I’m telling you to go check your site now. HEAR MY CRY! 

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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