1️⃣. Speaking of Gilmore Girls, it’s time to cycle your ad creative and campaign assets away from Summer. If your Summery creative hasn’t already started to dip in performance, it’s about to (I’ve already seen the dip across many of my brands – act quickly and batch in new creative or have it in the wings – SUMMER IS OVER!). The weather has ALMOST nothing to do with it.

It’s the mode. When you’re buying something online right now, you’re thinking ahead. Thinking about how you’ll use said item once it arrives. When it arrives it’ll almost be October! FALL! 

2️⃣. Speaking of Fall, this hero homepage from The North Face is expertly timed / love the copy. 

3️⃣. The below is evergreen but it reminds me of Fall so sharing it now. This hover state on Trudon‘s collections page. Cozy. 

4️⃣. It’s always telling to watch how brands that peak in the Summer handle the turn of the weather. Sunscreen brand Vacation does this best. When the weather dips, MAKE A CANDLE! Sell that candle! Focus your ad creative on the great indoors. This collab is everything because tennis is very much an outdoor sport (sunscreen). File this under thinking ahead. 

5️⃣. Once your customer has clicked on that ad for a cheeky candle, have a promobar running across your site that shouts out a BOGO sale on your #1 sunscreen SKU. Buy a candle and get 2 for the price of 1. This deal will last us til the next merch drop when they bring me back to site. Probably to buy a hoodie. I bet it’ll be cute. Maybe they’ll collab with Madhappy

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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