For everything you are, there’s something that you’re not. I say that a lot. 

As a reminder, here’s what I mean: 

What you do as a brand is just as important as what you don’t do. Every brand with a point of view stands for something, and therefore stands against something else.

For everything you are, there’s something you’re not.

Try this on for size: (Using Go-to-Millions as our example): 

‍♀️: Go-to-Millions is pithy, not dry (and never, EVER boring). 

: Go-to-Millions is warm, not bitchy. 

‍♀️: Go-to-Millions is written by a real person, Ari (who sometimes uses 3rd person even though she tries not to), not AI (nor anyone else, EVER). 

: Go-to-Millions is written from first-hand, high-stakes experience, not from research.

: Go-to-Millions is for the marketers who aren’t getting their share of the microphone, not for the marketers who used to do it but now just talk about it. 

In summary, Go-to-Market Millions is a love letter to online shopping AKA, ecommerce. 


^^ I brought this up because I had an idea. I’ve decided that Go-to-Millions is everything that I’ve listed above, but it’s also an advice column, in it’s own way. In a new way, I hope. 

So, I’d like to formally start giving out answers to SPECIFIC QUESTIONS. Your questions, specifically. 

I’ll answer a question I got last week, that prompted this idea. And then, if you have a question you’d like me to answer, submit it here and I promise to help. If you want to keep your name anonymous, fun! Let’s do that. Up to you, dear millionaire! 


“Dear Ari, do you have an example of a good, high-converting collections page? I know I need to redo mine and I’m looking for inspo. If it helps, this is for a DTC streetwear brand”. 

Dear Streetwear Do Care, 

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Below are 10 examples for you to consider. Take from them what you feel applies, combine your favorite elements, and promise me that you will pay attention to site speed, accessibility of your designs, and that you’ll split-test your new collections pages as they launch. Okay?

Okay! The collections page examples I’d send to your designers: 

1️⃣. Pangaia (pay attention to how they treat the variants on desktop hover – if you have 1 style that comes in 10 colors for example, the Pangaia collection page is a great example). 

2️⃣. SET ACTIVE (organizes by colorway, but mixes categories so that you can build a full outfit). If you sell matching tops and bottoms in a few colors, this is the merchandising style I’d want to build to allow). 

3️⃣. Madhappy (a mix of Pangaia + SET ACTIVE). 

4️⃣. Mytheresa (note the grey product cards, the really clear badges, and the quick-add-to-cart on hover). Also, I love to punch up. Mytheresa is LUXURY. They’ve taught their customers to buy many thousands of dollars of shit per purchase. Punch up!!! Copy luxury. 

5️⃣. Net-a-Porter (another punching up example). Notice how much space the filters take up on the left side – if your brand sells hundreds not dozens of different SKUs, please emphasize your filtering / sort). 

6️⃣. Bandier (notice the category cards as a banner at the top of the page). Would this make sense for you? 

7️⃣. Minted New York (a bold choice, but I die for this design and it’s good to see extreme versions of everything before you decide anything. This is extreme – and I love it). 

8️⃣. Aimé Leon Dore (I put this here so you’re not afraid to simplify your collections design – ALD is an example of an intricate homepage, with a simple PLP. THAT IS OKAY. A choice, but a choice that is OKAY BY ME). 

9️⃣. Drink Via Carota (THIS IS NOT STREETWEAR. I’M AWARE! It’s alcohol. But, look how easily you can navigate to other collections from this page). Worth copying / or at least showing to your team? 

. Calle Del Mar (The entire homepage is the collections page. A choice, for sure. But, we’re here to shop. And, I don’t know about you, but when I land here I’m ready to click right in. I don’t want vibes, I want details – and this delivers). 

I HOPE THIS WAS HELPFUL, dear Streetwear Do Care (I know I made that name up but I like it so had to find a way to call you that again). 

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

Over 50k+ subscribers get free weekly emails with insights and advice on marketing that people actually love.

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