Bonjour Millionaire, 

Do you believe in magic? In a young girl’s heart. Marketing magic, to be specific. 

You see, dear millionaire, I normally don’t. When something’s too good to be true, it’s exactly that. You could say I’m cynical. Or, you could say I’m discerning. Ahh, yes, that’s exactly it.

I’M DISCERNING. ALWAYS SATISFIED WITH THE BEST, as Oscar Wilde would say. And, there’s a reason I talk to you about Listrak with such force. Such love. With, dare I say it, a deep conviction. 

I know it works. I know you need it. And, I know you know that I know software. It’s my entire personality. Unrelated, but here’s my favorite quote:

Anywho, where were we? Ahh, yes. Let me explain. 

With Listrak, expect to make the unbelievable believable. Their robust, unified digital marketing and data platform helps retailers and brands generate more revenue ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$), AND reduce total cost of ownership… ALL WHILE MAKING YOUR MARKETING TEAM MORE EFFICIENT. 

It’s magical, I get chills typing to you now. 

Don’t just take my word for it – they recently commissioned a Total Economic Impact Study by Forrester (yes, that Forrester), and said report outlined INCREDIBLE RESULTS for retailers and brands who consolidated their providers to Listrak’s single platform.

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it twice – SINGLE PLATFORM IS WHERE IT’S AT

My brands that I work with all day every day KNOW to focus on EBITDA. It’s not an option not to. You see, when a CFO asks you how you’re going to increase EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization), we have all of the answers Listrak has the answer! 

Might I suggest a heap of growth + a spoonful of savings + a sprinkle of efficiency = the perfect recipe for EBITDA.

I wanted to make sure you could tell that that is Ina Garten, but now I fear that it looks a little creepy.


For every dollar you spend, you’ll get a return BUT there’s still a budget and a ceiling and you MUST find someone who is going to help you in BOTH directions – help you to grow, and to keep said growth as profit.

Profit is what we’re after – that’s the $ you can use to shop!! Speaking of Listrak, did you know that TOMS (yes, as in the shoe brand), Academy Sports, vineyard vines (yes, as in the brand with that cutie whale logo ), Sol de Janiero (the only brand of hair oil that will ever touch my hair!!), and Movado (the chic watch brand that I’m buying Daniel for his birthday) ALL USE AND TRUST AND GET BIG RESULTS WITH MY BELOVED LISTRAK?

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Well, now you do.

The big dogs (you know, brands like the above ⬆️), are ALL ABOUT REVENUE.


And, revenue starts with data – Listrak’s tech sits on a foundation of a built-in Customer Data Platform, that lets Listrak brands access, report, and actually utilize data that is right there, in-platform, for the taking:





️: ANY DATA YOU NEED, THEY HAVE (gosh, I just love Listrak). 

The platform brings together data from disparate sources, and therefore enables you (and me) to use that data to put together the pieces of your revenue puzzle. Disparate data sources are connected with Listrak – united platform for the win. The platform comes native with a ROBUST journey building tool that lets us manage different channels TOGETHER – providing an AI, seamless, noticeably smoother customer experience. 

When email and SMS work together (which they do with Listrak) and not AGAINST each other, we don’t have to fight for attribution or “credit”.

To be frank, who gives a shit about credit if you have 2 platforms that are overinflating their contribution margin and you’re left with double counting. 

With a single, unified platform, we get and care about the TRUTH. AKA, this email drove this amount of $ that you can see in your bank account. SMS this month drove that amount of $ that you can see in your bank account. It all adds up when there’s no platform war. 🙂 

When you can see the truth (the real revenue tied to the exact action), then you know where to spend and when to double down on your expensive channels (SMS), and where to optimize your emails for max results. Makes more sense this way, IMO.

Listrak always lets me break the news about product releases (it seems like they have new features and innovation that release all the time – bc they do) — and here is their latest… coming soon:

Predictive decisioning and AI that will WRITE YOUR SUBJECT LINES FOR YOU based on more than 8 years of A/B testing data that is so powerful that it can LITERALLY CALL WHICH OF YOUR SUBJECT LINES will be more successful before you even press schedule. HOW MODERN. HOW SCIENTIFIC. Forgive all of the caps lock in the sentence prior – I’m getting HYPE.

Oh, and have I mentioned that using their AI and predictive decisioning, you can literally have the tool craft your TEXT MESSAGE COPY FOR YOU??? Very 2023 if I may say so myself. 🤖 🤖 🤖 These AI features are only the 1st in a long list of AI rollouts planned. Next up will be AI for web content – landing pages, pop-ups, oh my. And this Listrak AI train won’t stop until it is threaded throughout their entire platform! CHOO CHOO (sorry, couldn’t help myself, once again please forgive me). 

Listrak’s tech makes sure that we’re sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time, in an actually scalable way. This is the big leagues, welcome

On top of all of that, Listrak offers an even more advanced layer of Identity Resolution, advanced acquisition tools, and turbocharged triggers that quite literally cause your revenue to jump off of the charts. This is called GXP, it’s a Listrak product, and I really love it. I hate to make you read, but this is so worth it and so please adhere to the below PSA:

PSA! PSA! HELLO!! IS ANYONE OUT THEREEEEEE! Please read here and then don’t forget to come back to me (I’m clingy). What you’ll find in this is a whole other level of guaranteed results. I promise. Okay, off you go. See you soon now! 

Okay, I’m going to assume you’re back and that you know all about Listrak’s GXP. Moving right along, I know attention is finite and I know this is going to change your biz so let’s keep it moving and then you can go on a walk and maybe stop into a department store really quick and buy yourself a treat? Just thinking out loud…

With Listrak, brands increase email revenue by 45% and SMS revenue by 40%. Oh, and worth mentioning: Listrak clients see a 35% savings on overall marketing tool spend and a 20% savings on team time. These are increases/ incremental results over what they were able to deliver with the previous provider. So if you think you’re doing everything you can with your current provider (or worse, set of providers) think again!

Here’s a quote from the report, “Having email and SMS on a single platform allowed their organizations to optimize across their entire portfolios and recognize benefits on customers’ preferred channels rather than trying to improve on overlapping silos.”


Please see the gif that I just found that I am THRILLED to include:

When you work with a ton of people and with a ton of platforms for a single solution (AKA one platform that is only for SMS, one platform that is only for email, one platform that is only for Identity Resolution), they are going to try to find ways to upsell you and MAKE YOU PAY MORE FOR THAT CHANNEL AND THAT SERVICE. Because that’s the only way for them to grow you, their account. There’s nothing else they can do to squeeze you. 

So, you’ll spend more and more (and more), and if you take the different provider for every platform route, your SMS provider is going to conveniently tell you that SMS is the backbone of your business and more important than email. And, vice versa. 


When you use multiple providers and split up critical tools, it’s not just revenue that falls through the cracks – you’re also overpaying for the overlap.

Gone are the days of having to choose cost or software. Listrak has state-of-the-art solutions to every channel, but it’s all one beautiful product. Easy, peasy, sign me up. We don’t have to sacrifice profit or product features, we can have it all. As mentioned, I’m always satisfied with the best AND fewer, but better is the way. 

🍀: In Listrak, you can time every message to everyone. So, you can send more messages precisely at the right moment across the precise combination of channels that that customer needs to convert. Precision is Listrak’s middle name. 

🍀: With AI, Listrak is king of 1:1 personalization at scale, so you can have those convos with those customers without lifting a finger. Fab.

🍀: The results are so in: consolidation allows for greater clarity, improved performance, and best-in-class tech means that this single platform is the united front that does it all, baby!!

Listrak’s product was built with clients that are big time, big leagues, and big daddy revenue brands. Meaning, Listrak is architected for scale. It’s that layer of deep expertise + history, and dare I say, success that makes Listrak what it is. It’s the partner to the brands we all know, like, and shop – it’s there for YEARS, and until forever. When a product stands the test of time and when a brand is there through so many growth stages, that means they’ve struck magic. 

Here’s a quote from the Forrester report: “Listrak pricing is favorable compared to other solutions and that by consolidating multiple solutions into a single, integrated platform, their organizations were able to retire existing solutions and recognized reductions in marketing tool spend.”


I <3 white glove support, which is exactly what you’ll get with Listrak GXP as it’s a managed service (ideal lol). I want the experts workin’ my account. I want help. Because, I don’t know about you, but I’m BUSY. We have a lot of brands and a lot of demands and a lot of a lot. It’s tough to be brand-side and to try to do it all. It’s tough to be agency-side and to try to do it all. So, call in the pros.

Listrak’s award-winning Client Services teams become an extension of your team. I love the team I work with. Hi, Julie!!!!!!!

Plus, the tool itself is built to be EASY TO USE. Think drag and drop email editors, an intuitive interface for journey building, and personalization tools that scale themselves. 

And, BTW, having all your marketing programs orchestrated from Listrak’s single platform, saved 20% reduction of the marketing team’s time and effort – allowing them to focus on other areas that drive incremental revenue (and this isn’t even calculated into the TEI) – Listrak’s benefits kick off a flywheel of increased results. I <3 a flywheel, I’m a marketer afterall!! 

Also, when you consolidate reporting, it is a lot easier to pull reports for the C-suite. Goodbye spending hours on a deck with manual # inputs and please say hello doing shit that moves the needle. 

Here’s another quote from le report, because why not: “Having a single provider for cross-channel campaigns significantly reduced the required effort for campaign teams.”

The numbers don’t lie, but there are also unquantifiable benefits – impacts to NPS – work is more fun when things are efficient – and, the Listrak team is a joy to work with – truly the nicest team you will ever work with – QUOTE ME


Last but not least, let’s dig in on TOMS Shoes shall we (I can’t tell you how many of these I had in high school – I am a sucker of a sparkly slip on but now I’ve grown up and have moved on to buying TOMS for every 1 year old in my life. TINY MARY JANE’S FOREVER.

TOMS recently joined Listrak in 2022. They wanted to level up, and boy did they. TOMS said goodbye to silos, and hello to consolidating email + SMS, to closing revenue gaps, to better automations, and to more tailored, expert advice from team Listrak. Oh, and they went with Listrak GXP, because why wouldn’t you want to unlock incremental revenue with Identity Resolution?! 

The TOMS team has spoken, and they credit their early success to the unparalleled support they receive from the incredible strategists at Listrak (ugh, love them). Listak GXP is also full-service, so they can keep their eyes on other prizes and leave Listrak to do this work (the white-glove GXP team drives list growth, conversions, and triggered brand rev).



86x ROAS IN 2022. 

86x. That is not a typo. MAGIC. I’M TELLING YA!!!!

I gotta go, I’m really hyped up from those #s and I need some electrolytes. I’m seeing stars. Or, magic take effect. Who can say!

Love you,


Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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