1️⃣. Don’t write the price TOO big. 

$99 looks a lot scarier than $99. Don’t overephasize the price, but don’t hide it either. There are no bonus points for SCREAMING the price at your customers. Tell them, using inside voices.

Here’s an example of this done well from Sephora. Look at the size of the pricing of the product. Look at the same product, with the price shown bigger on the Dyson websiteSephora wins. 

‍♀️ ‍♀️ ‍♀️

2️⃣. Goodbye decimal points.

$99.99 is a big number. 4 digits, in fact. Do you know what is a lot more appetizing? $99. We just cut the numbers in half. 2 digits. 2 digits isn’t scary. Your customer can afford 2 digits, or so you’ll teach them. I’d rather lose PENNIES in topline revenue by chopping off the 99 cents here, than lose DOLLARS in CAC by hurting my conversion rate. Cheap is expensive, lose the cents. 

Soft Services does this well ($28 price, not $28.00). 

3️⃣. Sale expectations. 

Make sure there’s room in your margins for discounts, steep offers, and bundling. As a biz, you need margin to play with. Give yourself room so you don’t need to do one of those tacky price adjustments where you raise your prices and have to send out a big email to customers that due to the supply chain we are raising prices by Y.

We can avoid that by giving ourselves grace at the start. Do the math now (~17% – 20% worth of room on average). 

4️⃣. Bundle pricing anchoring. 

We want to increase basket size. Enter, bundles. When you’re selling multiple products to a customer at once, you have to convince them that they’d be foolish to buy 1 item, when they could get 2 for a better deal. Make the math, math.

Take an example from Youth to the People. 2 products that work better together. There’s a big $96 VALUE BADGE on the asset not just on the PDP, but that is visible on the collections page. When you buy the set, you save a whopping $12. You also save the headache of choosing between the 2 eye creams. Why choose when you can buy both? 

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5️⃣. Price / Item 

As a rule, whatever Amazon does is what we should do. I’m not smarter than Amazon. I also have less data. From Amazon, steal this: 

One-time purchase: $29.99 ($2.27 / Ounce)($2.27 / Ounce)

Price / Unit or Price / Ounce shows not just value, but also helps the customer to break down the price of something big, and turn it into something small. A 68 ounce body wash is going to cost a pretty penny, but on the price / ounce level its a lot more pallatable. Do this on your own product pages. Trust.

Also, Amazon writes out the word Ounce. They don’t say: Oz. Do you think that they’ve tested that? Yes. Do you think you should write the word Ounce and then test against that (with Ounce as the control against the challenger Oz)? Yes. 

‍♀️ ‍♀️ ‍♀️

6️⃣. Free shipping threshold 

If your hero SKU (the product you sell the most units of) is $44, then your free shipping threshold need not be $25. And, it better not be $100. It has a lot to do with your AOV targets. Let me explain in #7️⃣…

7️⃣. AOV as threshold unlock

Let’s say we sell a sweatshirt on site for $120. But, that our dream AOV is $175. Let’s then set the free shipping threshold (the amount of $ a customer must spend to trigger free shipping) at $175. And, let’s create a bundle that sells a sweatshirt and matching sweat shorts for $197.

The value of that bundle is $202. We’ll sell it for $197. $5 saved for buying the set, and free shipping is triggered. Make this product (a top and a matching bottom that becomes a “set”) a priority to merchandise wherever you show the 1 top or the 1 bottom – find its pair and PAIR THEM. Make it so obvious that it makes no sense to buy just 1. If I buy just the sweatshirt, not only do I not have a full outfit to wear, but now I have to pay shipping because I am under $175. That’s no fun. You know what’s fun? A full outfit and free shipping. Voilà, we’ve raised our AOV.

8️⃣. Don’t hide the price – EVER 

Make the price visible on homepage, AND on the PDP. There’s no advantage to hiding the price on homepage, only for your customer to get scared and bounce at the product page level. Write your prices clearly, often, and proudly (just not too big, as per point #1️⃣.) 

Emijay shows price in this shoppable section right on homepage. 

9️⃣. GWP with orders over X (GWP = Gift with Purchase)

Want to get your customers to spend more without a discount? How about a free gift on orders priced over X? Free makeup bag on all orders over $250 while supplies last. 

. Price shown within the Add to Cart Button


Example of this done well: Drink Ghia


Sorry for the CAPS LOCK. I was in fact yelling. Working on myself I am who I am.

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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