A well-done collections page is SEVERELY underrated. How you filter, what you prioritize in your merchandising, and why you show what you show couldn’t matter more.

Here are 10 of my favorite COLLECTIONS PAGES, and why: ⬇

1️⃣. Via Carota Craft Cocktails: quite literally the opposite of every other collections page. That’s the point! ART. OPTIMIZED ART!! 

2️⃣. APL: THIS IS JUST THEIR SHOP ALL. Sure, there’s an advanced filtering system in play, but this is a shop all collect. BUT LOOK WHAT THEY NAMED IT IN THEIR NAV!!! ‘Shop by Size & Style’ – so very smart because when you’re looking for running shoes, that’s exactly what you’re trying to do. Shop by Size & Style. I’M GOING TO STEAL THIS.

3️⃣. OURA RING: an example of what to do if you’re a 1 product company. Or, a 1 product with variants company. Don’t create a collections page for no reason. Sometimes, 1 flawless PDP is plenty. Like it is here. Your site – your rules. 

4️⃣. Baggu: for when you want to describe your products, but show them off, but also make it easy to Add to Cart. 

5️⃣. Pangaia: almost basic, except not at all. That’s very Pangaia of them. The product card interruption of an on-brand ombre card that has details (bottom left) is just what I need. As is the New in. interruption (top left) a few rows above. A well-placed detail. Again, very Pangaia. 

6️⃣. Djerf Avenue: the least fancy of the group. The most compelling of the group? Maybe so. If your assets are real, raw, and unedited, everything just looks a lot more worth buying. A collections page of products I’d very much like to collect. But, an advanced filtering system hides behind it. Maybe it’s fancy afterall. 

7️⃣. Casamigos: the way to merchandise not just what you sell, but where you sell it (if you’re selling a hard to shop product AKA restricted category like hard alc or a product that might be better delivered IMMEDIATELY).

8️⃣. Youth to the People: the hover state of my dreams. At 1st glance, the collections page is simple. Almost, expected. And then, POW! Information upon interaction (hover state).

9️⃣. Assouline: this is low-tech, but the product is front and center. It’s sortable in a way that makes exact sense for this brand. Price. Color. Dimensions. Theme. Nothing more. Is this winning design awards? No. Do I Add to Cart and actually checkout here often? Yes, all the time. (The best, safest, works everytime gift to gift. WORKS EVERY TIME). 

. Cult Gaia: all in the details. Simple, but with a party trick (the overlay of SUMMER). A party trick from a brand that sells party dresses. Perfect! 

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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