Funnel Hacking: Tubby Todd  

Twitter might call this ~funnel hacking~. 

In reality, there’s no better way to study a brand, or a business, then to behave like a customer. 

With that, let’s funnel hack our little hearts out! Tubby Todd, you’re up! 

Step 1: Search for the brand on Google.

*you’re about to get set yourself up to get hit with a bunch of the brand’s ads – this is what we’re going for! You can also always stalk a brand’s ads via TikTok’s Creative Center and check out their ads via Facebook Ads Library – free and shows you not only what creative is out and about – but where that creative leads (landing pages, collections, PDP, you name it). 

Tubby Todd is new to me – but it’s far from new. Which I absolutely love to see. A brand with fans! As you know, I prefer to buy things that are vetted. I don’t need the brand I’m buying to have thousands of reviews or thousands of followers – I need either) thousands of reviews and thousands of followers or) 1 really glowing review from 1 person that I trust. 

That’s it! There’s no in between with me. Okay, back to Tubby Todd Bath Co. 

THOUSANDS OF 5 star reviews. Almost 500K IG followers. A LOT GOING FOR IT. On the Google Search front, we’re running a shopping campaign, are bidding on our own name (with REALLY compelling, CLEAR, non-cheeky copy that is packed with proof – pediatrician and dermatologist tested, safe for sensitive skin – WHAT MORE DO WE NEED?)

The only reason I didn’t know the brand is because I don’t know that many babies currently. Only 1 niece. Chip chop @my sisters. So, I’m not Tubby Todd’s exact customer. 

BUT! I have 1 niece and I am not afraid to spoiler her. (and the products work for adults too and you know I can always find a way to buy myself something in the name of market research) SO, LET’S SHOP! 

️‍♀️ Step 2: Stalk Social ️‍♀️

On the Instagram side, the bio mentions 30K+ 5 STAR REVIEWS. That’s incredible and is the exact proof we need. The brand is also followed by 10 moms that I know. 10 moms that aren’t just moms – but cool moms. We are off to a beautiful start.

But, on the homepage of the website (I jumped ahead because I can’t help myself), there’s a module that says OVER 6,000 5 STAR REVIEWS. This is a small detail but it causes confusion. let me explain. 



This is a little bit of a problem because if I read the entire section here on the homepage, I can then understand that this SPECIFIC SKU has 6,000 5 STAR REVIEWS. That’s awesome – but unclear if you read the section left to right (as I did). 

If you read it left to right, then I just think I’m being sold the brand – not this exact SKU. So, I read this as the brand has 6K reviews. 

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Then, by the time I make it over to the right side, I slowly start to see I’m learning about 1 product in particular – the copy here is good but calls a product that is new to me (AOO) by a nickname (its real name is All Over Ointment). The CTA of the button says SHOP NOW – but if we back up and just glance at the section (like how our customers shop – they glance and don’t inspect every detail), then I’m back where I started.

Looking at the 6K reviews badge, then looking at the SHOP NOW CTA, then seeing the product called by 2 different names. 

What I’d rather see for this: a clear title that says ALL OVER OINTMENT, a badge that labels the product as the best seller, and then a headline that reads: 


Sub-headline: Our All Over Ointment (AOO) is formulated to treat eczema, irritation, and other skin sensitivities. Always smooth, never greasy, and loved by the entire fam. 

This way, we can make sure we get credit for our 30K+ 5-star reviews on site and on social (higher up on the site in the promobar we should say 30K+ 5-star reviews) and then when we drill down and get specific, we make sure it doesn’t look like our stats are conflicting. A small but important detail in my experience.

Step 3: Click through to the brand’s website.

Now that I’m on the site let’s stalk the tech stack. Here we can see a Shopify site equipped with: 

: Klaviyo as our ESP (email)

: GRIN for influencer management 

: Hotjar for user behavior tracking (I prefer Microsoft Clarity and Clarity is free). 

: Attentive for SMS

: Gorgias for CX ticketing 

: Northbeam for attribution (my fav ). 

When I inspect the code and when I use BuiltWith to figure out what tech is present, I’m seeing a lot of a lot – which is not necessarily a bad thing! It means we have our bases covered, and this brand is many years old.

What I would check for is if there’s any legacy code from past apps that we’ve deleted from our store that haven’t been deleted properly out of the theme. The more that was in the store, the more that could be weighing the site down which impacts site speed. 

Worth a few dev hours to check on that and delete any and every trace of things we no longer use.

Step 4: Shop Around.

Today, let’s zero in on the cart. 


: The free shipping threshold progress bar. 

: That there’s an eco-friendly option to reduce the footprint of the order if this is a replenishment order (no pump).

: The free gift note WITH A PREVIEW as an option – very rarely see a preview. This is great. 

: That there’s the ability to hit the shipping threshold by taking the upsells that are oh so conveniently in the cart. 


: The order of what we show from top to bottom. I’d move down the Save a Pump! and move up the upsells – so that it’s laid out like this:


: If possible, the product cards under the Add some Tubby Goodies are all different heights and it’s distracting. We should control the container here and keep it as uniform as possible. 

✍️: Instead of the CTA saying CHECKOUT – change that text to say CONTINUE. It’s a small change (no dev time) but a big one. It’s a big step to go from cart to checkout. Don’t make your customer nervous. Get them to just CONTINUE on the adventure without that scary commitment. Then, at the checkout, let them ShopPay and hit the road QUICKLY. 

Step 5: Check Out.

This a brand worth supporting! A small business turned cult-favorite, big business. 

Don’t judge me, but I bought the Chest Rub for myself LOL. It says on the PDP that it’s calming. Eucalyptus scented, and has 292 5-star reviews. The copy on the product description says:

I WANT TO RELAX! Thank you, Tubby Todd! I am rooting for you and I cannot wait to be calm (once my Chest Rub delivers!)

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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