Bonjour Millionaire,

I’m not a gemologist (don’t let my love of fine jewelry fool you). I’m also not really into crystals or stones with magical powers (except diamonds).

Usually, nothing is set in stone (except the good stuff – Ari shut up!).

Okay, so typically, it’s really hard for anything in life to be guaranteed. There’s often an excuse to be made, fine print to be read, or something that could go wrong that’ll blow your chances.

Marketing can be like that, too. Guarantees are few and far between, and guaranteed revenue is often hard to count on.

Except for with Listrak’s Growth Xcelerator Platform (GXP). I trust GXP the way I trust GIA. IT’S OFFICIAL OFFICIAL. 

Let me explain how GXP works, what it is, why you need it, and why when I say guaranteed revenue, I mean GUARANTEED REVENUE. Count your chickens before they hatch type of revenue. We’re talkin’ guaranteed results that are ~8-10x ROAS of INCREMENTAL REVENUE. 


Marketers like us work hard to get customers to our websites. And, 90% of site traffic is anonymous, and 98% of traffic leaves without buying anything (assuming a 2% conversion rate).

How to combat the problem: We have to capture and leverage 0 and 1st-party data so that once the 98% of traffic leaves us after 1st visit, WE CAN FIGHT TOOTH AND NAIL TO CHASE THEM DOWN AND FORCE THEM TO BUY FROM US. Oops, I mean capture them in our remarketing and owned data funnels so that we can educate them on our products to incentivize a later purchase. 

To complicate things: 3rd-party cookies and privacy laws continue to change. Making it extra important that we focus on our owned data – EMAILS AND PHONE NUMBERS – and capture and leverage 0 and 1st-party data for later. 

If we aren’t rich in data, we’re poor. ™️ LOL. 

To complicate things even further: Shoppers cross-device multitask throughout the day (please see the cute image I mocked up below illustrating how many times I switch devices as I live my life throughout the day). 

Today’s average shopper owns 3.2 digital devices and 64% of shoppers use multiple devices to transact. Meaning it’s code-red mission-critical that we’re cross-device identifying. Otherwise, we’ll miss out on ALL of the intent-based signals coming from the shopper. When we miss out on those signals, we’ve fragmented the shopping experience and missed behavioral triggers that ultimately mean we’ve missed out on $$$$$. THAT IS A PROBLEM. I WANT TO SQUEEZE EVERY LAST PENNY OUT OF MY SHOPPERS. Don’t you? 

I for example have an iPhone, a work laptop, an iPad, and an iMac in the mail. I’ll be a 4 device shopper in 3 days (I wanted the blue iMac and I did it and IT’S ALMOST HERE!!) ️

So, as a shopper, if I’m shopping across 4 devices, marketers that market to me NEED TO TRACK ME AS I GO ABOUT MY DAY. I shop on all devices. (Yes, even my work computer – don’t tell on me). Sometimes I shop from bed (7am – on my iPhone). Other times I’ll shop from the car (passenger princess – on my iPad or iPhone). Often, I’ll shop based on a recco I get from a coworker (my Sharma Brands team forces me to shop and I’m not one to resist – work computer). Then at night, I shop from whatever device is closest to me. So, if I add to cart on my phone at 7am, and then if at 9pm I’m on my future-iMac – YOU BETTER BE ABLE TO TRACK ME DOWN. If you have GXP, you’ll find me!!  


Identity Resolution Marketing is the answer. It turns problems into revenue and question marks into dollars.

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Listrak’s Identity Resolution Marketing tool (GXP), let’s BOTH retailers and brands:

  1. Acquire new customers by using behavior-driven tactics to capture 0 and 1st-party data from otherwise anonymous visitors.
  2. Identify anonymous subscribers by linking known-users to their unknown devices (thus creating a unified customer profile). Listrak uses the largest commercially available identity graph to help you significantly increase identification and reachable rate
  3. Convert onsite with personalization via custom campaigns on your website that are tailored to encourage 1st-session purchases (BECAUSE YOU’LL ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO SPOT NET-NEW TRAFFIC).
  4. Optimize and test triggers so that you can determine and deploy the very best strategies, graphics, and timing for the highest conversion rates.

GXP is powerful, and it’s also always getting better. The team actually added a brand new feature and they said I could I begged them to let me tell you about it. BEHAVIORAL BANNERS. 


Meaning that if you’re sending out an email campaign to your list, with GXP, you can plug in a dynamic, PERSONALIZED BANNER that only shows to the people on your list that are within a certain trigger window. 

Like you can create a banner that says – YOU LEFT 4 ITEMS IN YOUR CART, OPEN YOUR CART NOW. Because you’ll be able to know who is receiving what, when, and therefore you’ll know exactly what to say – even when you’re talking to your entire list. We know that the bulk of your volume (and revenue) comes from your tried and true broadcast (a.k.a. batch and blast) email campaign sends. But, what would it mean if you could now inject the level of engagement and power of triggers right into your broadcast sends? It would be magical it is magical. 

Like this: 


Expect GXP to:  

Drive list growth – Average 120%+

Converts new users – Average 31%+

Grow triggered revenue – Average 70%+

Expand the reachable audience for triggers – 55% 

TULA Skincare uses GXP. Here’s the impact: 

Daily subscriber sign-ups – 174% increase 

Onsite conversion rate for 1st time customers – 27% increase 

Triggered revenue – 30% increase

And, GXP is a white-glove, strategically managed service – The Listrak GXP team handles everything from setup, strategy, design, and implementation to optimization, analysis, and reporting. 

You know all of those A/B tests, optimizations, and improvements that sometimes have to be put on the back burner? They’ll ALL get done now… by the Listrak team with GXP. So we can get our beauty rest while incremental revenue falls from the sky. 

And, you’ll be able to focus your marketing efforts elsewhere. Listrak and team GXP have us covered, and we still get to commit to testing and optimizing our efforts to the VERY FULLEST. 

You’ll get a team that tests, optimizes, and guarantees the results. 

I said that correctly. GUARANTEES THE RESULTS. 

If you listen to me, listen to G2. GXP just won “Best Support”, “Highest Performer”, “Easiest to do Business with”, and more. GO LISTRAK. 


Identity Resolution (AKA GXP) is the key to maximizing influencer campaigns to the very fullest, because when an influencer sends traffic to our site, we can use GXP to identify the user (meaning we can grab their data, store their info, and personalize their shopping experience from the second they encounter our brand). 

Which drives more conversions, more users, and more revenue. Meaning you can have fewer, but better influencer campaigns. Spring for my personal fav Rach Parcell, because the traffic will pay off!! No more mediocre influencer campaigns, only the best (the Rach’s of the world!) 

Lastly, the brands I love and you love (like TULA Skincare, but also 7 For All Mankind and LeCreuset) use GXP. 

7 For All Mankind’s experience with GXP blew past all initial projections and is outperforming their previous identify resolution efforts by 2x. 

“Listrak is like an extension of our own team. We trust them to help us grow, and know they will guide us to strong, cross channel results.”

LeCreuset uses GXP to grow subscription. 

They’re seeing a 104% increase in daily subscriber signups. They’ve MORE THAN DOUBLED triggered revenue, thanks to GXP. 

GXP is guaranteed revenue. And, GXP is just part of Listrak – meaning you’ll get a platform that can and will DO IT ALL. GXP is flexible – you can use it as part of Listrak’s powerful single, unified platform or GXP can be integrated with your current ESP. 

In summary, send the right message, to the right person, at the right time, and make it rain. Listrak does this all day every day for more than 1,000+ brands and retailers, and they’ll do it for you. 

I have to go. My computer’s dying. AKA it’s time to switch devices and shop from my iPhone. Listrak GXP would have known that, even if I hadn’t said anything. 😉 Would you?



P.S. If you’re looking for guaranteed revenue, try GXP and get 120 days risk-free (PILOT PERIOD, BABY). Guaranteed revenue, here we come! Enjoy xoxo. 

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

Over 50k+ subscribers get free weekly emails with insights and advice on marketing that people actually love.

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