Bonjour Millionaire, 

I know you know this about me, but I just need to remind you. I LOVEEEEEEEEE TV. 

Obviously, I’m the Vanderpump Rules, RHONY, Succession, Gilmore Girls, Mad Men, House of the Dragon, Sex and the City type. I only watch the good stuff I watch a bunch of random shit, I won’t lie to you. 

And, as we know, you we need to meet our customers where they are. Yes, yes, our customers are on their phones. Hanging out on social media (meaning of course we need to be running ads on IG, TikTok, Facebook,YouTube, and sometimes Snap + Twitter). Our customers are also always searching for information (hence why we better be capturing demand via paid search ads on Google). 

But, our customers are also watching TV! And, a lot of it. Millionaire, if you’re not running TV ads – I won’t lie to you – your competition is. Meaning you’re neglecting a channel that is actually really, really easy to crush. 

So, please consider this a TV PSA (pretend there’s weird music in the background and that I’m staring into your soul as I say this directly into the camera making eye-contact on set):


TV is the oldest but newest trick in the book. 

Sure, sure TV ads aren’t anything “new”. You can call all of the publishers and book like that, if you’re living in the 20th century.

I, as a proud millennial, am one with the times: meaning I use Tatari to run a FULL-FUNNEL, highly impactful, easily measured strategy. 

Because TV can and should be measured exactly like digital – I’m talking about using TV ads as a high-valued paid channel where we’re tracking: CPV, CPA, ROAS, CPMs, CPI, and REVENUE. $$$$$$$$$$$$

And, with any channel that I grow for any of the accounts I work on – we’re not interested in reach plays. 

As if. 

I WANT BOTTOM OF THE FUNNEL COLD HARD CASH. I don’t play in any other sandbox. 

Which is why Tatari is the move. TV can and does help brands improve efficiency and HIT (in my clients’ experiences – surpass) their goals. 

And, as traditional paid social CPMs continue to get more and more expensive (I’m looking at you Facebook Meta + Google), brands eventually hit a saturation point where diminishing returns are ever present. 

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There had to be a better way! (THERE IS, AND IT’S TATARI). Simply because TV offers us the chance to get in front of a new-to-us, but highly targeted audience. 

I use TV to drive sales and lower CAC. I use it I only use Tatari for TV because I’ve only ever used Tatari for TV – as have all of my colleagues. There’s not a better option – if there were, someone that I respect would have shown me it. Instead, no matter what room I enter or what tech stack I approach, if a brand I love or get to work on is running TV as a channel – they are running with Tatari. 

If that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is. 

That’s because the type of marketer I am (and the type of marketers that I work with), are really hands on. We need to have the ability to optimize our campaigns in real-time. We’re direct-response marketers, after all! 


Tatari is well-positioned to help their brands grow at every stage of the funnel. For example:

‍♀️: Nutrafol (power-house hair-growth brand that I loveee) uses Tatari / TV ads to drive net-new, INCREMENTAL REVENUE at the TOP OF THE FUNNEL

Here’s what Nutrafol says: “Our goal at Nutrafol is to support men and women at every stage of their hair journey, so to actually see that our TV advertising was reaching these people and generating SALES in REAL TIME, was very powerful. With the help of the Tatari team we are continuing to do more strategic buying, based on the success we’ve seen in TV advertising. 

‍♂️: Kate Hudson’s Fabletics (activewear that has a cult-following and have I mentioned Kate Hudson) uses Tatari to run targeted holiday-specific campaigns – like where they invested heavily on TV ads that ran on the Hallmark Channel. This is a perfect pairing – nothing like drinking eggnog as you watch a holiday movie and then seeing workout clothes that you buy knowing you will use them (in January). 

The results? Fabletics’ CUSTOMER ACQUISITION COSTS DECREASED BY ALMOST HALF DURING THE LIFE OF THE CAMPAIGN. See, the Christmas cookie, Hallmark channel, + ads about chic workout clothes trifecta is unmatched. A MID-FUNNEL MASTERPIECE. 

: Onewheel (a super siiickkk electric skateboard with you guessed it – one wheel) uses Tatari for LOWER-FUNNEL MAGIC. Premium linear and streaming TV helped Onewheel drive awareness and site visits that they…

THEN PROGRAMMATICALLY RETARGETED. It went something (okay, it went exactly) like this:

New product launch (Onewheel) → Linear + streaming TV for awareness via Tatari → A hell of a lot of new site visitors → Programmatically retargeted said site visitors on CTV with the goal of conversion → a HUGE increase in purchases / conversions/ siiickkk electric wheel skateboardssold. 

The result of this strategy with Tatari? LINEAR + STREAMING TV WORKED TOGETHER TO DRIVE NET-NEW EYEBALLS (FOR THE RETARGETING ). The streaming campaign allowed Onewheel to reach an incremental audience to linear, with 72% of the reach being exclusive to streaming. CONSIDER THIS A 1, 2 TV PUNCH.  

TV ad buying of today’s era is all about quick changes, quicker iteration, and following the data. We’re not here to measure impressions – we’re measuring outcomes. And, Tatari is the 1st and only TV advertising partner in Shopify’s Plus Certified App Program. You know my motto:


This partnership is a big deal because it’s never been easier for Shopify merchants to get started on TV with a super simple pixel integration. It’s like 5 steps, and takes no time and no dev.

Plus, Tatari is the only NBCU certified measurement partner in the TV space that handles measurement and media buying. AKA better measurement = better ROAS. And, NBCU = REAL HOUSEWIVES!! I watch so much Bravo that sometimes my eyes hurt. 

Oops, where was I? Anywho, I’m here to tell you that if you’re not prioritizing TV as a channel, you’re leaving cash on the table. At Go-to-Millions, that’s not allowed. 

I’ve heard people say that TV is expensive. That’s not true. Brands can get started with just $5K a week – the brands I work with are spending more than that per day on the channel – because it works. 

When something works, we double-down. TV works. Full stop.

I gotta go, I said full stop so I think it’s time to stop.

If you have any questions on TV advertising, don’t be a stranger. I have so much to say!

Yours forever or until I’m cast as a Real Housewife,


Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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