To discuss today: LINDA FARROW

When I think Linda Farrow I think about: Product Market Fit, Price as a lever, Signature design

Let me explain? 

Founded in London, England in 1970 (Revived in 2003 in London, England)

I have a chic aunt. Her name is Shelly, and though she is technically Daniel’s aunt (and therefore my aunt-by-marriage or however that works), I CLAIM SHELLY AND SHE’S MY AUNT AND THAT’S FINAL. Sorry for yelling. 

Anywho, my chic Aunt Shelly lives in London. She’s extremely on the pulse of all things fashion (she’s also an artist – see, CHIC AF).

Whenever I’m around Aunt Shelly, she accidentally influences me to copy her. 

For example, in 2019 when I first met Shelly, she was wearing a Gucci Fanny Pack (from the Men’s section, because she liked the men’s styles better – ugh, to have the eye of an artist!!) Well, I get back from meeting Aunt Shelly and what do I do? 

I ORDER MY FIRST AND ONLY FANNY PACK, the exact same one that she was wearing. Except, I was a little embarrassed about copying her – so I didn’t tell her or ask permission (ruthless of me, I know, but she lives in London and I lived in Los Angeles – how would she find out)? 

Enter: Coachella. 

(Please please forgive the logo explosion. I’ve grown up. I’m changed. Yes, I dressed Daniel for all 3 days of our one and only Coachella. This was Gucci day. I hate myself now, but at the time…)

I wore my new Gucci-men’s fanny pack (AKA I catered my entire outfit around my new murse), and I of course had to post my chic outfit online. I was at Coachella, posting on Instagram is the only reason to go (as you know). 

To my horror, everyone noticed that I had copied Aunt Shelly. 

Shelly didn’t care, because she’s Shelly – ahead of the curve and I’m sure she’s been copied her whole life anyways. 

My new Fanny Pack was given a new name: My Shelly Pack. 

I’ll fast-forward through the rest of the story, but I may have seen Shelly again and I may have seen her wearing a new Lady Dior Matte bag. As expected, I copied her. But, this time, we went straight from lunch to Dior together and I copied her in a dignified way – right in front of her face

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I love my Lady Shelly. 

So, why do I bring this up? Not all influencers are online. Not all influencers are celebrities. Not all influencers are similar to the people they influence (there’s a few years,  a few thousand miles ,and a deep difference in artistic abilities that separates Shelly and me).

Influencers are INSPIRATIONAL. They are often also, UNATTAINABLE. That’s why we look up to them in the first place. Influencers help bring new ideas to their audiences – they set the trends. Another brand Shelly was rocking the last time I saw her? Linda Farrow. 


See! That was exactly my question. I hadn’t heard of Linda Farrow. I just KNEW I NEEDED THE SUNGLASSES Shelly was wearing. I loved them. They were soooooooo different. But, so subtle. From the front, they just look like your typical pair of PERFECT DESIGNER AVIATORS.

But from the side? Forget about it.

Fuck me up. 

There is this little detail that makes these sunglasses so special. A signature. Do you see it? The Gold + Black detail on the side? That’s SIGNATURE LINDA FARROW. 

No logo. Doesn’t scream HI HOW ARE YOU I’M A WALKING BILLBOARD. DOESN’T SCREAM LOOK AT ME. In fact, these sunglasses look like any other pair of stunning sunglasses (TO THE UNTRAINED EYE).

But, they are far from it. For starters, they weigh like a million pounds, are made of pure titanium and 22 carat gold, and are sun-blocking as all get out. I didn’t want them. I NEEDED THEM. But, you see, it’s not so easy. Linda Farrow is hard to find. ESPECIALLY IN THE U.S.

They are also SUPER EXPENSIVE. Have you ever heard the expression that money talks but wealth whispers? Linda Farrow Sunglasses embody that phrase. They are quiet. 

No Gucci monogram here. No Dior lettering there. 

Subtle, oh so chic, craftsmanship for only the most discerning, ahead of the trend, artistic of customers. The Shellys. P.S. I don’t have a pair of Linda Shelly Farrow’s yet. I’m still recovering from my Lady Shelly splurge. Give me a couple of years, okay?

What to do: 

Copy people with better style than you.

Have a signature.

Remember that, as a brand, you control the types of customers that find you. If you build it, and if you’re REALLY REALLY REALLY SPECIAL, they will come.

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

Over 50k+ subscribers get free weekly emails with insights and advice on marketing that people actually love.

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