Bonjour Millionaire,

The goal is to Go-to-Millions, not Go-to-Thousands.

On our quest for riches, more is often more.

: More revenue.

: More customers.

: More website traffic.

: More profits to fuel our shopping habits. Oops, just me?

However, there’s an important Go-to-Market lesson that we should need to get right the first time.

When it comes to our marketing technology (our beloved tech stacks), more is most definitely not more.

Fewer, but better is the secret.

The right tools. At the right time. Without cutting corners. And, without weighing ourselves down.

I’ve been around the block (as evidenced by my wrinkles Botox), and I know that when we over-complicate our businesses, we leave room to f up.

So, let’s keep it simple, shall we?


The truth is, marketers are using way too many separate systems. Too many providers. Too many contracts (the pain of getting each of these agreements through legal is wrinkle-evoking). Plus, a different provider for everything means data silos, disparate systems, and disconnect for both the company and the customer. Not cute.

And, once you’ve signed on the dozens of tools you plan to use to run your marketing, you’ve opened your company up to a whole new set of problems. Stolen attribution, double-counting, and quite frankly, too much overlap.

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When there’re silos, revenue falls through the cracks. Plus, when there’s overlap – you’re overpaying. When your tech stack is weighed down, you’re eating into your profits. We love profits. Don’t eat them!!

There’s a better way, so not to worry dear millionaire.

Repeat after me: SINGLE PLATFORM.

I use Listrak because I want to do 2 things.

1️⃣: Increase revenue

2️⃣: Optimize spend

And, I’m in good company. TULA, TOMS, VINEYARD VINES, ACADEMY SPORTS, & SOL DE JANIERO (and more than 1,000 brands and retailers!!) use Listrak, too.

Listrak is also well-trusted. You know how deep my love for Sol de Janiero runs. Their hair oil changed my life. Dramatic, but I was once a walking-split-end. I’ve seen some things.

(you don’t want to know how many minutes I just spent trying to draw a heart in Figma by hand before I made the pink emoji pivot – ‘twas humbling).

Anywho, it used to be that a choice had to be made – single platform or best-in-class solutions. But, retailers and brands no longer have to choose.

Instead of managing every channel and every technology separately, we’re synchronizing and orchestrating perfection – all from Listrak’s single platform.

Because the goal is for us to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time, but also via the right channel. Hard to do if there are messages flying all about and there’s different marketers controlling different tech within one company.

One team. One theme (grow profits to the moon). One platform. One less headache.

When everything is managed within one beautiful view, you can holistically look at WHAT your brand is actually saying (the complete, full messaging). When you know the WHAT, you can TIME your efforts. WHEN YOUR MARKETING IS WELL-TIMED, MAGIC HAPPENS AND REVENUE FALLS FROM THE FREAKING SKY.

With Listrak, email + SMS + website messaging + app push notifications + site personalization is all under one sturdy roof.

(Spoiler Alert – Identity Resolution, too… but we will get to that later, so keep reading lol).

You can actually OWN your OWNED CHANNELS if you can WATCH them and CONTROL them via a singular bird’s eye view. Don’t overcomplicate it – we don’t always need a shiny new thing – there’s still money millions to be found via CRM and doubling down on the channels that WORK time and time again.

When we maximize home base to its fullest and don’t forget the fundamentals, we get rich (AKA we squeeze every penny out of our customers, increase our LTV, and our P&L sings).

I like love Listrak because Listrak has been leaning on AI since the beginning. For an actual DECADE. They’ve been the authority in the space for a long time. When you’re 10 years ahead, you can teach your AI robots to do some crazy shit. That’s what Listrak has done – they’ve layered features and innovations into their already beloved product- so that we’re left with a single, ever-so-powerful tool. Again, fewer but BETTER.

And, the beauty of a consolidated single-platform approach is that you can speak to your customer DIRECTLY and CONFIDENTLY (because you can literally see everything that’s already been said, how they’ve reacted to it, and what they need next). When you know what’s going on, you can avoid the vague. Specific marketing is powered by consolidated marketing. The details are the cherry on top here – and it’s 2023. We need cherries, whipped cream, sprinkles, the whole 9 yards (which is why I trust Listrak).

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a bona fide Sol de Janiero superfan. As much as I hate to admit this, I’ve spent over $1,000 on the good stuff (AKA the hair oil mostly but also a plethora of Bum Bum Cream).

Sol de Janiero uses Listrak, and here’s what they have to say! “Consolidating our email & SMS programs in one place has enabled us to unlock additional scale and a better understanding of impact as we use the same attribution and measurement parameters across the entire ecosystem. We now provide a true cohesive experience across the funnel for our new and existing customers.”

Might I remind you, I’ve spent $1K with them. What they are doing is working (maybe a little too well on me, but that’s a story for another day lol). ️ ️

Here are the #’s that Sol de Janiero has driven with Listrak as their tech:

️: 50% reduction in monthly marketing automation costs

️: 28% increase in total ecom rev YOY

️: 41% increase in total ecom rev driven by email + SMS

Sol de Janiero is a BIG DADDY BRAND. I always prefer to use tools that can grow with me, vs. the tools I will have to one day grow out of. And, Listrak is lightyears ahead on something that matters more than ever: identity resolution.

Use Listrak’s identity resolution marketing solution, called GXP, to identify your anonymous subscribers correctly. You’ll then grow your subscriber lists, increase onsite conversions, and triggered revenue… all with performance guarantees. GXP is a managed service solution, so your team can concentrate on the rest of its lengthy to-do list. Do I have the time to manage this myself? Absolutely f’ing not.

Did you know that Listrak’s GXP is powered by the largest commercially available identity resolution platform? That means you can identify more of your visitors, like those that land when your favorite influencer links out to your website. Over 90% of that traffic will bounce without handing over their contact info (email addresses!). But, with Listrak – you can bring those soon-to-be customers back in the fold in a systematic, legal, and proprietary way.

So that you can turn traffic into revenue and look good.:-)

That’s the whole point, right? To turn campaigns into successful campaigns.

We’re out here trying to do a really fab job. There’s pride in that!

In summary, I only wax poetic about the software that has personally made my marketing better. The software that is worth loving. The Listrak’s of the world, if you will.

(I clearly have picked an emoji of the day – forgive me! )



Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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