1️⃣. Patagonia’s Climate Justice Page (the animation in the hero, specifically)

2️⃣. I talk about this page often: Pangaia’s Science + Sustainability + B Corp)

3️⃣. “Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last” by Vivienne Westwood 

4️⃣. Youth to the People set the standard here, for beauty (IMO)

5️⃣. SEED connects their PRODUCT to their MISSION with one line of copy: “Everything is connected.
Microbes inspire a closer look at the invisible and interdependent connections that are often hard to see.”

6️⃣. Loro Piana’s Cashmere page is a sustainability page, hiding in plain site as a product collections page. 

BTW, this thread on sustainable cashmere BLEW MY MIND

7️⃣. Gabriela Hearst leads with nature, puts this page in the MEGA NAV, and leans in.

8️⃣. Strauss Family Farms packs a TON of IMPORTANT info into a tight, clean, and colorful space. Huge fan (their ice cream, omg). 

9️⃣. EcoCart is an app that allows Shopify brands to offset their environmental footprint. The way the display that impact on this page here is a work of art. 

. WHY PLASTIC FREE, from Long Wknd 

1️⃣ 1️⃣. 1% for the planet – my type of brand. Love you Caudalie 

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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