: The Target website isn’t pretty! Neither is Amazon’s website! FUNCTION > FORM. Anywho, I have 3 of these barstools (in the color Blue), and I am have used them every day FOR A YEAR and they were $70 each but look fucking nice if you ask me. 

P.S.Notice that the variant is literally Blue? It’s not named Ocean or Sky or Blue Blue Blah Blah. SIMPLE IS OFTEN MORE EFFECTIVE! 

: Why is buying a duvet cover online so stressful? (Probs bc it’s expensive, texture matters, and every influencer in the world is sponsored by a bedding brand making it hard to tell real from fake not real). Anywho, I did literal HOURS of research and decided on this Brooklinen duvet cover and it has been, quite frankly, perfect. The 7,751 reviews are helpful! The info on this PDP (particularly the detail on the material) was enough to tip me over the edge. A+ 

‍♀️: Amika’s use of VIBRANT colors on their website GIVES ME LIFE. As does their dream routine hair mask (I’m a walking split-end, so I need all the help I can get). 

P.S. Amika may be the only brand in the history of the world that has an ORANGE and BLACK colored PDP without evoking Halloween. Magic. 

: The Almond & Coconut KIND bar is my 1st love. It got me through college (and is currently fueling this email). Their BYOB is easy to use, check it out here

: The Cost Per Wear on this dress, in my experience, is A1 FANTASTIC. Separately, the way Show Me Your Mumu has merchandised their bridesmaid dress section speaks to my soul. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! 

: Ralph Lauren is a Murray Family Favorite (their website account creation is great too, & allows you to unlock premium free shipping which is an EXCELLENT way to get people to build an account and become loyal). My husband almost exclusively wears their Polo Bear collection, and therefore, my husband loves to gift it to his friends. Bears everywhere! This fleece was something he gifted, but I want it now for myself! 

⛵️: I’m one of those uber annoying people who thinks that certain water tastes better. This particular bottle from Mountain Valley is my most ordered item on Amazon. And, Amazon’s PDP is our GOLD STANDARD NORTH STAR, as you know. 

: SMEG, I love you so much. I can’t wait to one day own this mini fridge, but in the meantime, my SMEG toaster is as cute and as reliable as can be (we’re going on 3 years together!) The 3.5 stars SHOCKS ME on Williams Sonoma. I WHOLE-HEARTEDLY DISAGREE. The SMEG website is art, though. 

: Vuori’s joggers? Surpass expectations. My husband loves them, and I love that he’s finally branching out from his Lululemon ABC’s! 

P.S. Take a look at the swatches of the variants. THEY ARE PANTS! I AM SO TEAM THIS OVER A GENERIC CIRCLE SWATCH! 

: Toteme’s tank tops are my ENTIRE personality. Their website is also easy to shop, and they ship out SO quickly and the packaging is EXACTLY like an in-store purchase (which is great because last I checked they don’t exactly have a boutique here in Austin, TX). 

: Trudon = my new favorite candle brand. Full stop (plus, the drama their website brings is INSPIRING). I know I like something when I am scared to use it. IF I had to pick a favorite, I love the way this one smells

: While I hate to clean, this little buggy does make it slightly better. I <3 you, Scrub Daddy. And, the loading state of this website is that small detail that goes a long way. The little bubbles! 

: The best men’s body wash, ever. TEAM SANDALWOOD! Huron doesn’t miss (I love the contrasting colors and the crispness of this PDP). 

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: I’m aware Venus et Fleur comes up a lot around here. MAYBE BC THE PRODUCT is BETTER THAN IMAGINED? Their builder makes intense personalization and customization feel easy (it’s not, but the shopper would never know). I always get red or red x white (as per my wish list where I leave my husband SCREENSHOTS lol). 

: The orans are as basic as they are expensive. I DON’T CARE. Once you break them in, they are comfy and they make me feel cool (I’m not, but with these babies on you would never know). We also love that the variant selector here is the exact shoe! WHY DOESN’T EVERYONE DO THIS? PLEASE! 

️‍♀️: SET ACTIVE is officially my #1 activewear brand. The website filtering makes shopping easy, and the SCULPTFORM is worth collecting. (Haven’t tried the other fabrics bc I’m scared I won’t like so we are just going buck wild on this collection).  

: Net a Porter against the world. If I watch TV sitting next to you, and you glance down at my phone, you’ll catch me browsing their app 100% of the time. SEAMLESS! Oh, wait. I’m supposed to pick a product. I pick these VEJA’s

If you buy / or already have anything from the above, tell me! TWINNERS. 

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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