Twitter might call this ~funnel hacking~. 

In reality, there’s no better way to study a brand, or a business then to behave like a customer. 

With that, let’s funnel hack our little hearts out! BKSpeed Coffee, I’m intrigued! (Brooklyn’s finest since 2015 – now just opened at 42 Hotel in Williamsburg AND available online DTC). 

STEP 1: Search for the brand on Google 

Right now, the brand is running no paid search, which makes a ton of sense. There’s foot traffic via the hotel, there’s a full other CORE part of the business that they tend to (Fiction Bar & Cafe). Both of those Brick & Mortar locations are open 7 days a week. 

Still, by Googling, I’m finding out a lot. 1st, that BKSpeed Coffee used to be a bar! 2nd, that 42 Hotel exists. It looks chic!! 

One more thing. LOOK AT THE HOURS that Fiction keeps. Incredible. 

Step 2: Click through to the brand’s website. 

Here, we’ve got:

: A Shopify website
: Google Maps embedded
: ReCharge for subscription
: Cookie Consent for cookie opt-in (I AM PROUD TO SEE THIS. Too many new sites miss out on the fundamentals. We need to alert customers to information we collect. We do also need an Accessiblity widget (this is missing but can be added very quickly and once added we are set for life – just keep it live and in your production theme and we’re gucci). 

*see screenshot below for how I found Cookie Consent, I inspected the code by right clicking and then went hunting! ‍♀️

If I were helping with digital for BKSpeed Coffee, I’d turn our email capture into an email AND SMS capture. I’d also introduce a few more payment options. I am delighted to see Venmo here as an option, however. The more the merrier. 

1 more thing, in the 2nd screenshot below do y’all see the BKSpeed Coffee? We can actually replace that plain text and use our logo here. It’s a nice, inexpensive touch. This doesn’t need to be done now, and isn’t worth changing Shopify store levels. But, once we grow into it, make that update. Low priority, but cute. 

Step 3: Enter your email

Simple, but present! Capturing email, not SMS. 

If I were helping with digital for BKSpeed Coffee, we’d turn this bad boy into a 2-step popup where step 1 = 10% off for email & step 2 = 15% off for SMS. A phone number is more valuable than an email address, so incentivize accordingly. 

P.S. We also want to test when this popup triggers. I think at our current stage and for the type of info we need to capture, campaigns we should run, and for some important out of the box bells and whistles, Privy would be a great addition to our tech stack

Step 4: Confirm your account

I haven’t received a welcome email yet, but I did active my account! I’m glad to see that CTA in the mega nav, and Shopify Native 100% does the trick here. Works like a charm and can be customized as a 2nd tier priority. 

If I were helping with digital for BKSpeed Coffee, I’d introduce a welcome series for email subscribers, but also for SMS subscribers. The goal here is to get our beloved site visitor to become an adored customer. We need their info to help bring them back to site, and so that we can send them offers! A 10% welcome offer for email would be a great Welcome1 touchpoint. 

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Step 5: Explore the site  

The contrasting colors REALLY work here. I love the dark mode and think it works well, and judging by what I can find online, it matches back to the IRL experience of BKSpeed Coffee. 



I know what the physical location looks like NOT BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN THERE, but because the brand took the time and energy to keep their branding consistent. The digital matches back to the real-world experience. CONSISTENCY MATTERS. And, better yet, BKSpeed Coffee made sure that site visitors were able to see that they have an in-person location as well (This appears on homepage below the fold). 

Which is great, because this A) provides social proof that the coffee is good enough to afford NYC rents, and B) that this isn’t their 1st rodeo. I love seeing that a brand is popular, that it is beloved, that it really exists! This gives me confidence to shop.

Step 6: Shop around!   

Look at BKSpeed Coffee’s Homepage + Collections + PDPs + social media

Then, add whatever catches your eye to your cart. I’m feeling DEATH DEFIER, because it’s labeled as espresso and because I like the name. We appreciate a brand with a theme. 

P.S. THIS BRAND HAS A PERSONALITY. And, celebrity fans. I giggled at this (appears on homepage). GO OFF BKSPEED COFFEE.

Good enough for Channing, good enough for Ari. 

Step 7: Now the fun begins! Time to abandon ship. See ya!!  

Abandon your cart, and go about your day. ⛴

Step 8: Watch the clock. 

We’re in abandoned cart sequence land – sadly no discount code sent. 

If I were helping with digital for BKSpeed Coffee, I’d introduce an extra incentive for those cart abandoners. We don’t want to teach our customers bad habits, but we do want to turn them into customers. So, a little extra kick to help them in the right direction via an abandoned cart offer does the trick and is in my playbook.

I’M NOT ABOVE IT. Don’t turn your back on these tried and true tactics, either. (SORRY for the all caps, I’m passionate about leaving no customers behind). 

Step 9: More time has passed.

TIME TO SHOP! My specialty. 😉

I love that I could leave a note with my order – great for gifting! I love the flavor notes (you had me at Caramel). I appreciate that my chosen Death Defier comes in 3 size variants.

Admittedly, I don’t know a ton about coffee. So, as a novice, this is enough info for little old me. For the coffee snobs, would this be enough? Hard to say. If we have more details to share, let’s add them to this page. The more detail, the more information, and the more expertise we can show, the better off we’ll be. 

If I were helping with digital for BKSpeed Coffee, I’d make sure we convert the $16.00 price tag to show as $16. 4 digits cut down to 2. MAGIC! This helps conversion, is easy, and is worth the trouble (except its not much trouble so do it, please!) 

Step 10: Check your order confirmation.

This is Shopify native transactional, which is so fine! 

I checked out via ShopPay because I’m lazy and because I like watching my order make its way to me via the Shop app. It’s fun. Thank you for having so many payment options, dear BKSpeed Coffee! 

One thing we learned from Fishwife a couple of weeks back is that an emoji goes a long way. I’d love for us to introduce an emoji or 7 to this standard transactional email. 

☕️ ⚡️ Order #XYZ confirmed


Step 11: Let’s watch our purchase make its way to us.

I love that there were 2 options for speed at checkout. I appreciate that! I chose the standard option because I have no rush and because I like to see how long the standard order takes to arrive at my door. 

‍♀️I’ll update you as it arrives!! There’s a whole other component to this that we must explore – this happens AS IT DELIVERS and ONCE WE UNBOX! xoxoxo

THANK YOU BKSpeed Coffee for your idea to check out a BRAND NEW store, and for your sense of humor. Give Channing and Zoe my love, please and thank you. ❣️

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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