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They say life isn’t fair. Maybe so. But you know what is most definitely not fair? That you can work your tush off getting a visitor to your site, can have them spend time shopping around, adding to their cart, and then…they could get distracted (their Bernedoodle barks, they get a ping from their mother-in-law, their popcorn is ready, etc), and then be gone forever. Leaving you, the sweet eager shopkeeper without a way to email that visitor. 

What we need here is a way to reclaim abandoned cart revenue. A way to get those emails. What we need here is Run by my friend Adam Robinson (hi, Adam – give Helen my love!) is my tool of the week because it’s kinda the tool of the century. 

Getting those pesky little email addresses has never been better – thanks to’s industry leading identity solution. It helps ecom brands bring shoppers back to buy. Brands like Dr. Squatch, for example, have experienced over 20x ROI by recapturing lost website and cart abandoners via

Demo it – trust me. Highly, highly recommend. 

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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