Twitter might call this ~funnel hacking~. 

In reality, there’s no better way to study a brand, or a business then to behave like a customer. 

With that, let’s funnel hack our little hearts out! Fishwife Tinned Seafood Co., I’m intrigued! (Inspired by my friend Cohen!)

STEP 1: Search for the brand on Google 

*you’re about to get set yourself up to get hit with a bunch of the brand’s ads – this is what we’re going for! You can also always stalk a brand’s ads via TikTok’s Creative Center and check out their ads via Facebook (oops, Meta) Library. **How you search on Ad’s Library is that cute lil gif below). 

Fishwife is running a Google shopping campaign, and fully controls the above-the-fold search results here. Love that for them. This Vogue article appears on the 1st page of the search results, and is positive. Love that even more for them. 

Step 2: Click through to the brand’s website. 

Here, we’ve got:

: A Shopify website
: Klaviyo for email
‍ ️: ReCharge for subscription
: YotPo for reviews (I’m an Okendo girl)
❤️‍ : Microsoft Clarity for session recording and heatmapping (THIS IS FREE!!)

: ShareASale for affiliate (an oldie but a goodie)

Etc Etc so on and so forth! 

Noticeably missing an Accessibility widget!! Noticeably offer Venmo as a payment option – love that (The more payment options, the more convenient, the easier to check out, and therefore the better your conversion rate!)

Step 3: Enter your email

A+ on the cuteness scale. Where is the SMS capture??? TEXT ME, DEAR FISHWIFE!! I’d fork over my number, don’t be shy!

If I were helping with digital for Fishwife, we’re turn this bad boy into a 2-step popup where step 1 = 10% off for email & step 2 = 15% off for SMS. A phone number is more valuable than an email address, so incentivize accordingly. 

P.S. Notice I switched to mobile? When we’re funnel hacking, we must go cross-device! I usually pull out my iPad too – love to test responsiveness while I’m at it lol. 

Step 4: Open that welcome email! 

A++ on the cuteness scale. I also love that we’re short, sweet, and snappy here. No need for a dissertation. HERE AT Go-to-Millions (& at Fishwife) WE KNOW THAT PEOPLE HATE READING)

If I were helping with digital for Fishwife, I’d make sure our offer was above the fold here. We are giving our beautiful new customer 10% off – we don’t want them digging for it. Get the code, and go shopping. No funny business. On my 17″ MacBook, this cutie Welcome Email 1 cuts off right below the yellow fishy and BEFORE the pink 10% off moment. 

Step 5: Click the CTA in the email  

Discount code WELCOME10 is appended to the link in the email – which we love to see! 🙂 

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If I were helping with digital for Fishwife, I’d make sure we don’t leave this unbranded. Why can’t the welcome code be named something fun? GOFISH10, anyone?? 

This takes no time, no extra $, and may make one of your customers smile. Better yet, it may make one of your almost customers decide they like you enough to complete their purchase. That’s what we’re after. 

Step 6: Shop around!   

Look at Fishwife’s Homepage + Collections + PDPs + social media

Then, add whatever catches your eye to your cart. I’m feeling tuna, as you know. 

*Here, I’m on desktop but wanted to view the mobile experience. Right click –> Inspect –> then adjust the device (here in the gif below I walk you through this).

If I were helping with digital for Fishwife, we’d move that CTA UP!! Team above the fold buy box.

And, I would love for us to bring in some iconography to SHOW not TELL in our description.

Okay, one more: Let’s add price / oz here as a metafield so that we can do the math for our customers. Helps to make a big number smaller, which helps conversion. 

Last one, I promise: $27.00 feels like a big number. IT’S 4 DIGITS. $27 cuts our digits in half and doesn’t lose us a penny. This seems specific, but is very important.

Step 7: Now the fun begins! Time to abandon ship. See ya!!  

Abandon your cart, and go about your day. ⛴

Step 8: Watch the clock. 

We’re in abandoned cart sequence land – sadly no extra discount code sent through! 10% it is! ⌚️

Step 9: More time has passed.

TIME TO SHOP! My specialty. 😉

I love that I could leave a note with my order – great for gifting! I’m buying this for myself and don’t need to cause even 1 second of extra work or 1 extra piece of paper, so I passed. But, you know that I’m gifting these should they be delicious and I would 100% add a note then. 

The free shipping threshold is $100. With my 10% code, a 3 pack went down to $29.70. But, then $9.50 in shipping. I get it. We MUST protect our P&L.

But, how amazing if our Welcome Offer for 1st time customers was FREE SHIPPING? Imagine what that would do for our conversion rate to get customers SHOPPING and CONVERTING? Would be fab to test this! If our CAC goes down by more than the difference here, we are living the dream and operating in the green. 

Step 10: Check your order confirmation.

This is Shopify native transactional, but I LOVE THE FISHY EMOJIS. 

You’re a Fishwife is giving me life!

I checked out via ShopPay because I’m lazy and because I like watching my order make its way to me via the Shop app. It’s fun. Thank you for having so many payment options, dear Fishwife! 

Step 11: Let’s watch our purchase make its way to us.

Orders here ship out within 1 week of purchase and then can take up around a week to deliver (there was a 2-day shipping option to upgrade to which I do appreciate and didn’t spring for!) 


‍♀️I’ll update you as it arrives!! There’s a whole other component to this that we must explore – this happens AS IT DELIVERS and ONCE WE UNBOX! xoxoxo

THANK YOU FISHWIFE FOR YOUR GOURMET FISH & CUTE BRANDING. I can’t wait to try it and nice to meet you! Cohen convinced me to get the trio! ‍☠️

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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