Bonjour Millionaire, 

This may be very millennial of me, but when I was in 7th grade I was watching the SEASON finale of Gilmore Girls. 

Except, at the end of the episode, they did this ‘thank you Gilmore Girls for being in our lives for all of these years’ tribute. AND, IN THAT MOMENT – I realized…

I HAD JUST WATCHED THE SERIES FINALE. But, I hadn’t braced myself or known. To say I was merely devastated would be inaccurate. ‍ ️

Cut to the next day. I have this core memory of sitting in math class (it was raining – how appropriate) and staring off into the abyss in a moment that can only be described as heartbreak.

The Gilmore Girls taught us the power of a good story.

Be known for yours. Every story has a beginning, a middle, and one day, and end. Let’s make the beginning and middle parts last a long time as we come to market, please. On homepage. On your PDP. On your landing pages. On social. Tell your story like its the difference between making money and making nothing. Because it is. 

P.S. The Gilmore Girls are KNOWN for their fast-paced, pithy style. Be succinct, entertain, and remember that your audience is busy and to move them QUICKLY down the funnel. 

EXAMPLE: Love the storytelling from this Madhappy for Ugg campaign. QUICK AND TO THE POINT. 

Embrace change like a Gilmore. 

Whether it’s Lorelai navigating the ups and downs of running the Dragonfly Inn or Rory leaving her high school mid-year to join Chilton, the Gilmores are forever willing to adapt and try new things. As we Go-to-Millions Go-to-Market, it’s code-red-mission-critical to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and tech, and be open to experimenting with new strategies.

EXAMPLE: Ghia capitalizing on the non-alcoholic beverage gain in market share and doing it well – love this catch phrase: Ghia – Over The Influence

The value of a loyal customer base,

à la Lorelai 

Just as our Gilmores are FIERCELY loyal patrons of Luke’s Diner, a loyal customer base is invaluable as we come to market. Encourage repeat business by offering loyalty incentives (refer a friend, special GWP, subscription surprise and delight moments), personalizing every customer touchpoint, and by providing a memorable customer experience. Plus, make sure your product absolutely can carry the team (à la Luke’s coffee). 

EXAMPLE: I’ve purchased again and again (and again) from Barefoot Dreams because the product does what it says it does (is really fucking soft and really fucking machine washable), it always arrives before I expect it, and because my experience is easy each and every time I shop. Is this the fanciest site? No. Is the product perfect? Yes. Will I gift you a blanket if I see a pattern that reminds me of you? Always. 

Ari Murray
Ari Murray

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