(A quick little note before we dive in): 

If you’re not having a good day at work, I’VE BEEN THERE. And, I’m sorry. And, I hope you don’t settle and keep going until you find somewhere that is right for you. TAG

Let’s get into it! 

This email isn’t just a love note to my coworkers. That would creep them out, and they would make fun of me

This email is, however, about HOW companies must SHOW UP in market. 

This email is about quality

good and bad companies. 

This email is abouenvironment that is acceptable. 

t being nice to work with. 

This email is about how people are treated. 

This email is a quick little reality check. TAG

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Being a horrible person IS NOT AN OPTION at work or in any business. 

Full stop.  

WHY is that controversial? 

WHY does this even need to be said? 

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WHY is that relevant to Go-to-Market planning? 

Do you know what harshes the vibe of thethe marketing team? 


And, sometimes, the meanest people are also in positions of power. 

We’re talking have 20 reports. Is in charge of 6 teams. C-suite. Founder. Have a fancy pedigree. Have been getting away with being mean for their entire careers.

Which, to me, is crazy! HOW IS THIS A THING? 

Who would hire someone like that? 

Who would promote someone like that? How can an org do well (let alone survive) with people like that? 

Sure, some people do get away with it. 

I have worked with some of the best people you’d ever hope to come across. TAG (ferg, Greg, Jett, madison, Jordan Narducci) 

I’ve also worked with some truly terrible, horrible, wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy, can’t make this shit up type of people. 👹

At a t acan’t go on camera / look people in the eye/ look people in the eye because I’m scared I’ll cry type of workplace. 👹

Being an asshole is bad for business. It is bad for your career.

Tragically, Karma doesn’t always kick in. 

I’m sure I accidentally buy products from brands that are run by terrible people. 

However, when a friend says they were mistreated by a brand I love, I NEVER EVER WILL BUY FROM THE BRANDTHE BRAND  AGAIN

When a news article (with proof) breaks about a brand I love saying the brand mistreatments their team, I WILL NEVER EVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN.

Ideally, the pendulum will eventually swing in the right direction (and the nice guys/ businesses will indeed finish first). 

Eventually, whether there’s an undercover expose / IG account that comes to life (cough cough @away @reformation @loreal), Glassdoor, Reddit, etc…the truth will be revealed and shoppers + employees will jump ship


In the age of the internet, people talk (and talk circlates QUICKLY).  

Or, the pendulum will swing in the right direction in another way (the most common way).

👹: The company will do poorly. 

👹: Things will break. 

👹: Product quality will go down. 

👹: Their marketing will fall flat. 

👹: They’ll have trouble hiring. 

👹: They’ll have trouble retaining top employees. 

👹: Their vendors won’t work hard for them. 

Newsflash: If companies arethe company is terrible to their its teams, said then their teams won’t stick around. 

Or worse, they’ll stick around without doing their best work. Which, will beentirely the company’s fault.



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Company values aren’t just a poster on the wall.

They’re living, breathing, and are there for the ruining via product,culture, brand, or reputation. 

The company you keep (at your company) is everything.


When it comes to culture, hire fast and fire faster. But, promote the absolute FASTEST.

Here’s what I mean:  

The best marketers don’t have bad attitudes. 

The best leaders lead with kindness. 

The best vendors are busy, and therefore don’t need business (should they be their client mistreated, they’ll BOUNCE QUICKLY). 

The best companies praise and give opportunities to team players. 

The best employees will LEAVE FOR COMPANIES WHO GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THEM. For workplaces where EVERYONE is treated with respect (no matter rank). 

The single worst thing a foundera founder can do for their the business is to be awful to be around. Hiring people who are unkind = falls in the bucket of awful to be around.  *hiring awful people = qualifies as the founder’s fault

No amount of genius will be able to save a company that tolerates disrespecties that allow for disrespect.

Maybe the company willsome companies will sneak by and succeed (get away with it).

Hopefully not. 



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