I help run influencer campaigns and activations all.the.time. 

It’s fun. Sure, I spend more of my time on the paid ads side of the house & in Shopify (landing pages, DR video creative, audits, building tech stacks, launch strategies, and websites). 

But, influencer marketing is exciting. 


Our team knows what works on the influencer front. We use all the tips and tricks. Our activations ABSOLUTELY CRUSH.

So, if I know so much about influencer marketing, why do I fall prey to other brand’s influencer marketing EVERY FUCKING TIME?

#tiktokmademebuyit doesn’t even begin to cover it. 

If someone I like following (aka someone who I think is fun or cool or chic or any other adjective that is positive) posts something they are WEARING, EATING, BUYING FOR THEIR HOME OR USING IN ANY CAPACITY… I don’t want it. 




I jokingly say that I don’t have an original thought in my head. I shopping-copy EVERYONE.

Your girl is INFLUENCED.

The reason there are so many channels & strategies that work (the reason marketing is really complex and very diversified) is because everyone’s different: 

: You might love a good SALE.

: You might see a catchy billboard or OOH poster and scan the QR code, and boom! Purchased.

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: You might buy from IG STORY ADS.

‍♀️: You might be a PINTEREST person who has bought from an ad or two (I’m not a Pinteresty person but wish I was because my wedding would have been cuter).

‍♀️: You might only buy the brands your friends buy (WORD OF MOUTH).

:You might be an environmentalist who DOESN’T SHOP OFTEN. Or a minimalist. 

You could be anything!

That’s what makes marketing so fun. 

Launch strategies and Go-to-Market planning have to account for a flywheel of diversified ways to reach the RIGHT audience. 

Influencer marketing works so well because we’re all pre-dispositioned to like the things that people we like, like.

Ari, say like one more time. & OMG no more third-person, Ari!!! We talked about this. 


We’re all so different. Different strokes for different folks. 

And to Marketers, that means one thing: we gotta hunt for our SPECIFIC buyers! Come here dear shopper, won’t you stay a while? 

Marketers have convos like these:

❓: ‘Who’s my buyer?’

❓: ‘I’m bullish on TikTok, let’s try this new angle?’

❓: Let’s start our BFCM sale on November 1st this year. We’ve never tried it… what if it works? Can you imagine how much rev we could drive?’

❓: I just saw X influencer post Y product and her audience went nuts. Let’s reach out?’

: ‘I hate Facebook.’

And so on.

For example, I 100% am unaffected by OOH. IG ads.TikTok ads.



What works on you? Write me back here at [email protected] and let me know❓❤️

ANYWHO,these are my favorite products that I’ve bought based on the recommendations of TikTok influencers alone:

(Will hyperlink because I’m not a monster!!!! ‍♀️)


Granted, I had a Smeg toaster I got for the holidays a couple years back. 

But, I never had a full SET!! These TikTokers have the FLEET and now I have the fleet and I love my little Smeg kettle, knives, and toaster with every bone in my body.

Let’s attribute this sale to @paigelorenze 


Slugging is to TikTok what Ice is to Diet Coke. Slugging made a good thing (TikTok) GREAT.

I have been slugging with $5 Vaseline every other day for the past 6 months. My skin is forever changed. 

Let’s attribute this sale to @itsmetinx 

: THIS ROBE. (Okay I’m sorry – the robe I got is showing a 404 page it had cute little clouds on it) HOWEVER! So many cutie robes from the same brand here

Let me explain how influenced I am capable of being. 

I didn’t follow Rocky Barnes

I had seen her online before but had never taken the plunge to follow/ didn’t know a lot about her. 

One fateful day, she is served to my FYP wearing the SILKIEST ROBE I’VE EVER SEEN. 

Then I follow, spend the next 3 hours watching every TikTok she’s ever made (there were a lot of get ready with me videos and she always wore a NEW robe in each video!) 

Next thing I knew, I was on Net-a-Porter looking at silk robes (something I’ve never bought or wanted before). 

I didn’t go shopping for the exact robes Rocky had. 

You see, dear reader, I was hunting for a ROCKY INSPIRED ROBE. 

After a bit of perusing, I found the sickest brand ever. 

However,I didn’t LOVE the patterns I saw via Net-a-Porter,— I just was really into the shape of the robe. 

So, I did what any eCommerce gal would do.

I went direct to the brand’s website (leaving Net-a-Porter’s marketplace), and found the robe of my dreams. 

This was a long story, but it’s a good lesson in ATTRIBUTION. 

If the brand was watching my behavior on-site, they’d only see:

  1. Sees a customer land on owned website. 
  1. Sorts for silk robes. 
  1. Beelines for the robe that is merchandised 3rd (was the cutest robe I ever saw, I’m decisive and was ready to checkout right then & there)
  1. Adds to cart. 
  1. Goes through checkout. 
  1. Purchases.

Time on site = 2ish minutes

BUT!! IS THAT THE FULL STORY? Did the brand’s marketing get me there? No.

In this case, the brand’s participation in Wholesale/ Marketplace eCommerce + Rocky Barnes’ personal style + the TikTok algorithm helped them make the sale. 

How can we best attribute stuff like that?

*Triple Whale & Northbeam enter the chat.  

We’ll pick this up again sometime soon, because #Tiktokmademebuyit isn’t as straightforward as we had thought, right?


Skin Pharm. Dare I say that their Eye Serum has changed my life’s course forever? And their sunscreen? Don’t even get me started! I did a full on (unsolicited) photoshoot of my sunscreen at the pool on my honeymoon. I LOVE YOU SKIN PHARM. 

GO-TO-TWEET: S/O to hubby

Creator Staff
Creator Staff

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