You can be the type of lawyer that saves dolphins, or the type of lawyer that doesn’t.

You can be the type of Operator who notices and offsets the very real and very present and very large carbon footprint that online stores create, or you can be the type of Operator who doesn’t care. 

Here at Go-to-Millions, we’re the type of Operators who care. 

The type of Operators who give a shit (it helps us to sleep better at night = which is good for our skin). 

Taking the eco-friendly route is also good for business (AKA will make you more money). 

It’s not all puppies and charity over here, this newsletter is called Go-to-Millions and we’re a fan of cold, hard, CASHLESS CASH BABY (We save the planet over here, cash is outdated lol). 

Luckily, $ flows to brands that do good things. 

Importantly, all areas of your business improve when you announce both internally and externally that you’re an eco-friendly company. 

  • Less waste = fewer materials purchased = better for your P&L 
  • Socially acceptable, meaning you’ll never risk turning off an investor with cheugy bubble wrap (ew), you’ll never risk a Twitter hate storm with empty boxes shipped (trust me, I’ve seen this, the mob will get you and eat you alive on the TL).

You’ll never lose an account because you don’t meet their Clean or Environmental standards (it’s called Go-to-Millions, not Go-to-DTC only because Wholesale won’t let you in because you cut corners).

I believe we can have our cake and eat it, too. It’s also extremely easy to get this right (no excuses). 

A truly sustainable and eco-friendly Go-to-Market strategy is 360: it begins online and takes effect IRL. 

Today we’ll just focus on what to do DIGITALLY to launch, grow, and be sustainable. (We’ll pick this back up from a packaging and operations standpoint sometime soon – I <3 Hexcelwrap and can’t wait to tell you all about it + I’m down to talk corrugated any and every day.)

Let’s focus on digital right now, shall we? 


♻️Use EcoCart 

: Plug and play Shopify app that can launch literally a couple of days after you download it – no internal developers required (AKA it’s low-lift from both a time and $ perspective – which we love!)

: Make a carbon impact neutralizer a part of your GTM strategy from the very beginning. We’re talking margins + pricing discussions from the inception of your brand. 

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Currently, it costs around $.50 – $1.00 for a brand to pay 100% of the price to offset the order (on behalf of their customers!). That’s INCREDIBLE and it’s small change in comparison to the world imploding. 

Just account for that ~$0.50-$1.00 in your planning. Remember our motto here at Go-to-Millions: 

No surprises. No emergencies!!! 

: Now, involve your customers!! Sure, we’ve already settled on the fact that as a brand it’s both our duty and in our favor to neutralize these orders. 

Doing that alone will get you an A. But, we’re trying to build something that will go to the moon! We’re shooting for that A+. 

Enter: your slide cart. 

Let’s make sure we’re including the option for your customers to MATCH YOUR DONATION. ~$0.50-$1.00 out of their pocket = now the world is better off (from a we’re killing our planet standpoint) than if they hadn’t shopped in your store that day. 

Freaking Mother Theresas over here!! 

Keep this toggled ON. There’s shame in turning this switch off. 

Shame your customers into doing the right thing – because they will (my conversion rates INCREASE when this is toggled ON!!)


  : APL WEBSITE WIDGET (This is an extra $1.76 on a $200 order. No sweat for the customer!)

*Yes, site-speed matters. That means don’t clog your store with apps you don’t use and that you’d be better off custom coding. THIS IS NOT THAT SCENARIO. Next question, please! 😉 


We’re here to make a profit, people! If we’re going to go through the trouble of making sure our business is set up to be sustainable from the start, we have to shout it from the rooftops! 

Make being sustainable a core pillar of your brand, and make sure that your website gives you the credit that you deserve. 

An IMPACT or SUSTAINABILITY PLEDGE page goes far – sure it won’t be the most visited page on your site – that’s not the point. 
The goal here is to cater to those customers who have a personal connection to or feel strongly about sustainability -to make sure that they have a place on-site to double-check your sustainability work.

Creator Staff
Creator Staff

Over 50k+ subscribers get free weekly emails with insights and advice on marketing that people actually love.

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