The One With 3 North Stars In The Sky

(AKA, catch me sharing 3 Brands, Strategies, Campaigns, Tactics, Creative (and/or so on and so forth) every Sunday.

What’s on this list = North Star BEHAVIOR

1. Long Wknd’s WEBSITE! (site design, motion, color hierarchy, and ease of use) 

Holy Animation. Holy Video. Hopy Marquee. Holy Gif.

I really wish the above screenshot was a video

This website = magical

Sure, Long Wknd’s deodorant is the only natural deodorant that ACTUALLY WORKS. 

(I’m partial to the Eucalyptus Mint variant – reminds me of Molton Brown – but in a good for the planet type of way).  

Long Wknd’s website is gooooood. North Star good. Long Wknd’s website perfectly avoids 2 of the most common mistakes we see in website design.  

Typical Site Design Mistake #1: Playing it too safe. Being BORING. 

We. Want. DRAMA!!!!!!! 

I want to see your products in motion. I want to scroll without knowing what will happen next. I want to have fun! I’m shopping online, make ME FEEL ALIVE!!!! 

Typical Site Design Mistake #2: Clever > Clear

No matter what – your site must be EASY TO USE. 

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Your CTAs better POP honey.

Sure, I want drama! But, never at the expense of user experience

You MUST nail the fundamentals. 

You must organize your website in a way that guides your guest through the checkout line.

Never, and I mean NEVER, neglect function. 

Nothing is as important as having a site that brings in MILLIONS.

WHAT TO DO: 1. Short words – written at a 4th grade level. 2. Choppy copy – that’s easy to understand and read quickly. 3. A clear call to action. 4. Make sure your brand pallet makes use of contrasting colors. 5. Make sure your website  is QUICK to load. 6. Once you’ve MASTERED steps 1-5, now you can bring in the fun!!!! 7. Excite your customer. Gifs. Videos. Animations. Scrolling Marquees. 

2. Djerf Avenue x Emi Jay (collaboration 101, when product meets brand, organic content) 

Matilda Djerf is equal parts perfect and genius. 

Emi Jay is equal parts functional and stylish.


If you’re a marketer, follow both brands. Watch how they move. 

Matilda Djerf’s brand, Djerf Avenue, has made becoming “that girl” seem almost attainable

Emi Jay has made a cheap-to-manufacture hair clip feel EXPENSIVE.

When you combine a brand with a product worth talking about (Emi Jay) and a public figure with a brand worth talking about (Djerf Avenue), you have effectively leveled up both brands for the foreseeable future. 

Both brands don’t shy away from posting content that is far from produced.

Content that they seem to have stumbled into.

Snaps a photo here, grabs a claw clip there, etc. 

When brands collab, margins get squeezed (a lot of cooks in the kitchen that need feeding). Make up those margins with content that doesn’t cost 6 figures to create. 

WHAT TO DO: 1. Teach me to do my hair like Matilda’s. 2. Collab with brands that are on your level (ONLY). 3. Make organic content a way of life for your brand. 4. Learn from the brands that get it right every.single.time.  

3. McDonald’s App Experience (don’t judge me)

As I’ve mentioned, I am discerning

Like Oscar Wilde, “I’m a WOman of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best DIET COKE.”

So naturally, I hit the Mcdonalds drive-thru 3ish times a week for a good old fashioned Large Diet Coke (okay fine, a Vanilla Cone sneaks it’s way in as well). 

Well, I can officially say that I’ve been f***ing up BIG TIME.

I just downloaded the McDonald’s App TODAY


I’m ashamed. I knew better. The McDonald’s app is PERFECT.

Chipotle’s app is downright EMBARRASSING in comparison. 

There are deals to grab! Animations everywhere! Points to use! A way to load in your credit card! A drive-thru order taking system! This puppy LOADS SO QUICKLY you don’t even have time to blink!!! 

I may be overreacting, but the McDonald’s app is even better than the Starbucks app. Is that possible? I’ll keep hitting McDonald’s (for market research), and will report back. 

Wow, the things I do for you

WHAT TO DO: 1. If you’re going to have a mobile app, make sure it’s A VALUE ADD IN YOUR CUSTOMER’S DAY 2. Spring for the Vanilla Cone the next time you hit the golden arches (tust me on this one) 3. If you work for a bigggg brand (McDonald’s, Starbucks, or the like), make sure that you’re investing in not just functionality, but brand-building experiences at every consumer touchpoint (budget is no object, so why cut corners here (@chipotle, we’re looking at you) 



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Creator Staff

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